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How do you use game domain textures?


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Hello, I would like to use a texture from the game itself. On the wiki (https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=Modding:The_Asset_System), it says we can use this path: [game:assets/textures/blocks/leather.png]. Here's my blocktypes JSON file:

  code: "myleatherblock",
  creativeinventory: { "general": [ "*" ] },
  blockmaterial: "Wood",
  drawtype: "Cube",
  textures: {
    all: { base: "game:assets/textures/blocks/leather" }
  resistance: 3.5,
  sounds: {
    "place": "game:block/anvil",
    "walk": "game:walk/stone"

It's just a test, I'm learning how to create mods and I'm also learning JSON so I have some difficulties 😅
Once in the game, the bloc correctly appears but the texture is the unknown one. How do I use the game domain please 😭

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