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insulation value of chiseled blocks


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okay in the 1.14 versions chiseled blocks did not count as valid walls/floors/ceilings for rooms, charcoal pits, cellars..,

is that fixed now or do i still need to make sure i never point the chisel at the wrong block? i mean slabs are valid, why isn't a full block with 1 or even none missing voxel valid too?

am just downloading the newest client (which is my first 1.15 one), with my connection that'll take some time.

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Yes, since 1.15 chiseled blocks count for room requirements. Here's the details from the devlog for the official 1.15 and 1.15.1 update:



Feature: More tightly integrated chiseled blocks

  • Now have the block sounds of the first used material
  • Now take on the mining speeds and other block material properties of the first used material
  • Now count as valid blocks for rooms, with the following limitations: The inward facing side must be almost solid (less than 20 voxels missing), at least 50% of the block's volume must be retained, you still need to use the right materials, e.g. stone for cellars.



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