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questions about ingame time


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What exactly is the difference between /time speed and /calenderspeedmul ?

i mean it seems the first defines the ratio of ingame seconds per realtime seconds and the other is a flat multiplicator to that, right? But if so why two different variables?

the time speed default is 60 and the calenderspeedmul default is 0.5 making it one ingame minute per 2 realtime seconds, the same could be done by using time speed 30 and calenderspeedmul 1 though... Is it because of the time skips while sleeping? i mean for really low time speeds changing calenderspeedmul may be necessary to get the exacty ratio of ingame to real time you want to get... but who really wants to play with less than 24h ingame per 24h real time (speed 1 calenderspeedmul 1), don't look at me playing a world with speed 1 calenderspeedmul 0.5 right now; interesting experience but damn some things do try my patience, finish up kilns, grow up trees, let's see at which point i quit and play faster again, maybe after the first night, but until dusk i should still have nearly 10 more hours or so (burn duration and cooking timer are in real time though hence i'll definitely will need HUGE amounts of fuel for the winter, even with Mr1k3's Superfuel mod)...

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