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Underground Ruins

Lumber Jackson

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While in spectator mode I noticed the vast majority of underground ruins aren't connected to cave systems. This makes them basically impossible to discover in survival.

I'd like to suggest making all underground ruins attach to an existing cave system during generation. That way there's at least a chance to find them during exploring. They will still be rare because a lot of the cave systems aren't easily found, but at least you'd have a chance of stumbling across most of the underground ruins.

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1 hour ago, AdrianNumbers said:

Read this 


The dowsing idea in the title wasn't something I was interested in, so I passed it over. Gave it a look on your suggestion, glad to hear they will sell maps.


I still think connecting most to the cave systems would be a good idea. If the merchants will sell maps, I hope they increase the size of those ruins. If the pricing of everything else is any indication, you'll pay 20 gears for a map to a ruin with 3 gears and four seeds in it!


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