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Vintage Story Tree

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The Vintage Story tree in the game icon reminds me of a steam punk Yggdrasil, also known as the world tree.  It would be awesome to incorporate that into the mythology of the world.  Drifters definitely have a feel of the north, they are sooo fluffy. 

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Drifter look like albino sloths. 🤣
Anyway i've noticed since the beginning that the main aesthetics of the game are kinda steampunk-ish, but in my opinion the most expecting side of the game is a sort of Prehistoric setting where you have to achieve the most important technological steps, and then it happens even whit your "social" and economic issues.
But all this should stick with a magical, spiritual and "pagan" setting in the game's lore, for example the Bearfirth story, that you can read in Media section.
Steampunk is not about much 🙄

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