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  1. Anyway, i've already asked two or three times for this add, and i don't want to be annoying anymore. if it doesn't make sense or it's a bad idea for developers or other players then i won't press further. BUT, if it happens, i will make a musical track to the game team as a gift!
  2. I would like to have it craftable in order to use it in survival mode. in fact, thatched roofs are the most used way to cover your head since ever and everywhere. That's is, and i wonder why it's never been implemented in this game before, because hay blocks are not kinda of aesthetical for building roof, stairs and slabs would be better. Or not?
  3. It's me again, will you ever add hay stairs and slabs plz? I would love them sooooooooooooooooo*breath*ooooooo much Sorry if i'm pricky
  4. Name: Pitarik Age: 26 Timezone: GMT+1 Do you agree to follow the server rules? Yes. I stick to the most realistic sense of building. I'd really like to play in a RP based and job assignation system in a sort of civ like server. Not so good in mining, but good at farming and building houses and city-walls. That's my building style:
  5. Pitarik

    My Survival Hamlet

    I tried to plant tree saplings near buildings but none grew, maybe they're too near. When i'll finish the temple i will build paths. If only i'm not playing alone , i've started playing when i had not a good connection.
  6. Pitarik

    My Survival Hamlet

    More pics from my hamlet: Looking outside the wall. The hamlet. Inside the cottage. Daylight, looking toward the farm. The hamlet from further. The Bearfirth temple's area. The beekeeping hut.
  7. Good. i've just enjoyed this patch, stocking a huuuuuuuge amount of peat (i trend to save trees, except when i need coal). I would like to know if will ever be hay stairs for make hay thatched roofs. Thank you!
  8. It would be nice and confortable to stock the peat bricks on a surface like it's done with firewood. What do you think about it?
  9. Ok thanks. Can you tell me wich mod is it?
  10. Pitarik

    Using Crocks

    Yes i did it at least, thanks anyway.
  11. I would like to know what do you think about the Bearfirth's lore. Do you think that it may fit your idea?
  12. I love Vintage Story! 💚

  13. Drifter look like albino sloths. Anyway i've noticed since the beginning that the main aesthetics of the game are kinda steampunk-ish, but in my opinion the most expecting side of the game is a sort of Prehistoric setting where you have to achieve the most important technological steps, and then it happens even whit your "social" and economic issues. But all this should stick with a magical, spiritual and "pagan" setting in the game's lore, for example the Bearfirth story, that you can read in Media section. Steampunk is not about much
  14. After 40 hours of playing this is the result of my hard work of collecting, crafting and building I'm really enjoying this game, and as you can see this is what i've achieved after many time spent on it. It's totally made in survival mode and i've cheated only once to carve in a granite stone block and make a sort of statue. I do really want to stick to the most of realism and to keep a kinda of Bronze age aesthetics, that it's always been my most expecting side of this game. And to honor the lore of the game i'm building a Temple dedicated to Bearfirth I hope you like it
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