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A Theory of Worldview

Steel General

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Temporal storms are the process by which aliens siphon zeitgeist from a world.  Consequences of this include geographic homogeneity, anachronistic placement of cultural artifacts, and a certain vagueness concerning the nature of intelligent life.

The drifters are not the aliens, they are fellow victims: hyperevolved tardigrades from the world's distant future.  They have a plan to stop the aliens...  it does not necessarily involve us or our survival.

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Where are your pieces of evidence? A "theory" is more than only a claim and convoluted words. A theory requires at least some argument in its favour.

A few things that you leave completely open:

Why aliens? And what do they want the zeitgeist for? Is there a use for zeitgeist?

Why do temporal storms only form near player characters and only effect those?

Where are the signs of intelligent behaviour of drifters? Why from the future? And how did they manage time travel backwards? Why are they only attacking player characters? I mean they act like zombies in cheap horror movies, pushing each other to death just to get closer to attack the player characters. And they die easily, no comparison to tardigrades! No time effect is in the game that reverses the arrow of time, there are some convincing arguments to be made for individuals or objects in game traveling through spacetime at a time speed of not one second per second (teleportation basically means traveling through space without traveling through time and there are arguments to be made for player characters having traveled from the far past to the present and without the presence of a player character in the world time on it usually stopps).

At this point your claim is basically any in game lore was placed there by aliens, which is without any evidence about as ridiculous as the creationist belief of god having placed fossils to fool scientists.

If you are able to use convoluted wording you are able to put some arguments behind your claim and disarm arguments against it before those are put up against your claim by others. I'm quite sure you can do better than that.

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