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Loading into a saved world in a void


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So I started a new world testing 1.16.0-rc2 and after a while it doesn't want to load things properly such as dropping items when distroyed or picking up items dropped from, inventory, etc. Upon restarting the world I spawn into a void. Checking the Client.main shows Requested Channel not connected and looking at the server.main shows the GrowTree event is popping up as void and causing major issues if not THE issue. Modded or not it gives the same issue too.

client-main.txt server-main.txt

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Sorry about my English level, but y just bought the game and I have the same problem:( After about an hour of play, I can no longer interact with the environment and if I recharge the world, I appear in the void. Do you have an explanation? Thank you in advance!

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Also experiencing this exact same issue, has there been any luck with finding a solution or cause?

EDIT: Almost immediately after posting this I started turning off mods one-by-one and it seems to (at least in my case) be linked to "Ore Crystals" mod. I am unsure if it is conflicting with another mod or that it not being updated for 1.16.0 is the cause, but I hope this helps someone else with this issue. If this is happening without mods running, I apologize I have no clue regarding what the issue may be.

  1. Full Mod List:
  2. Axle in Blocks
  3. Backpack/  & BP Plus
  4. Better Crates
  5. Easily Balance Crucible
  6. Expanded Foods
  7. Extra Chests
  8. Lighted Paths
  9. [Disabled]Ore Crystals
  10. OresAPlenty
  11. Paper Lantern Recipes
  12. QPTECH
  13. Alchemy
  14. Expanded Liquid Containers
  15. Helve Hammer Extensions
  16. HUD Clock
  17. XLib & Skills
  18. Accessibility Tweaks

-Lyra S

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