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"Tiny tweaks" - my first Vintage Story mod that works :)

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This is my first Vintage Story mod that is fully working. It still lacks some features which I will add later, like config to disable what you don't need or already have.

  • Are you tired of being eaten by wolf just because game is blocky? Ok, now you will auto-jump to 1 block high obstacles when sprinting;
  • Do you just like me think that sticks must be craftable? Ok, now you can turn a piece of firewood into stick using a knife;
  • Do you think that seraphs breathing underwater are cheaty? Ok, now they can't. Once your head is underwater, your air bar starts to deplete, and you take damage when it is empty;
  • Isn't it terrible to lose all your precious stuff because you can't find a place where you died? Ok, now deaths are marked on maps;


Mod is for 1.16.0 and may not work with any older version! Sources will be available, too, once I will upload them on github.


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On 1/20/2022 at 5:29 AM, Allan Bittorf said:

How do you disable the step up feature??

In newer version (1.1.0), open %AppData%\VintageStoryData\ModConfig\tinytweaks.json (on Windows, not sure where it is on Linux), and set everything you don't want to false. Stick crafting cannot be disabled, this option is reserved for future versions! You must have the same config on both server and client, or it may have strange behavior (will try to make it auto-sync in next versions).

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