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Block textures missing in mushrooms and oak planks

Maisa Kuutonen

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Hi, we play on a server and noticed that there are "Riddler blocks" where mushrooms and oak planks should be. Fellow players reported some aged wood textures missing too. Mushrooms don't drop anything when broken, oak planks I don't know since I saw them on traders cart. Our mods atm are creepless, workbench expansion and ancient tools, all are up to date.
Any help or advice is welcome! Thanks!

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Edit: It seems like it was the result of a combination of hardware and operating system. Couldn't reproduce on any other computer, and solved itself when the OS updated.

I have the same issue, in addition it also affects signposts, sideways oak logs, bloomeries and more.

I'm on version 1.6.3 (clean install, no mods), everything was fine when I played (before 1.6.0)


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