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  1. This is just amazing! I just installed the newest version and holy macaroni ain't it SMOOTH!!! I previously had lagging problems with decent PC setup but they have now disappeared totally and the new content made me yell out loud! Astonishing work dudes and dudettes, thanks a million of this game! I have a small YouTube channel and I'm planning to add Vintage Story gameplay and review there, I really hope you get world wide attention to this project!
  2. To save my n00b hide I want to tell if someone else is wondering: The chest textures are in textures/wood/trunk folder. I had to search the code to find them because changing the "chest" textures did nothing.
  3. Oh jeez, I just realized, I'm stupid. Thanks, I found them. Too much minecraft texturepacks.. Brain freeze.
  4. Didn't install it but I can't find textures even in the current version. Apparently they are not in appdata/roaming?
  5. Ok, thanks. I think 1.10 would do the trick. How do I navigate the texture folder? It's an .exe file and I don't know how to advance.
  6. In the wiki page the chest has smoother looking fully wooden textures. I would like to have that rather than the present one but don't know how and where to find those older textures. Any help appreciated. Link to the texture page: https://wiki.vintagestory.at/index.php?title=File:Chest-east.png
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