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Overlay windows not displaying on macOS

Vincent Reynolds

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The game starts fine, world creation works, but when I do anything that would display an overlay window—inventory, knapping, game menu—the crosshair cursor changes to the pointer, but the window doesn't display. I can still interact with it (I think), but nothing displays.

Any ideas?

Running macOS Monterey 12.1 on an M1 Mac Mini, VintageStory 1.16.0, MonoFramework


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I'm facing this precise issue on M1 Mac. No clue how I might fix it, other than, you know, buying a Windows machine or something just for this game, lol.

I might try playing on a Windows VM instead. Likely not as performant, but perhaps at least playable

EDIT: I'm running v1.16.5 on macOS 12.4

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Here is the relevant GitHub issue. The trouble seems to have to do with rendering block outlines and GUI at the same time, and something about macOS not supporting OpenGL very well anymore.

The workaround mentioned there is to enter this command in chat: .clientconfig selectedBlockOutline false

This disables most block outlines, making the GUI stay visible when it needs to be. Rumor has it that knapping still has trouble, but I haven't had a chance to test that yet.

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