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[1.16.1+] More Metals 1.0.9


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Do you like choices? Sure you do, we all love options. With that said I proudly present to you a small mod I've created for Vintage Story to expand upon it's metals. This mod adds a lot of new metals most of which come with tools, weapons, armor, metal blocks and much more.

Coke has been changed to a more realistic burning temperature to make melting nickel possible.

Most newer metals are acquired by crushing ores in a pulverizer and combined in the crafting grid to make blends, these blends are than put in a bloomery to produce ingots or nuggets.

I've added the ability to make blue steel, it's the same as steel but has increased durability and of course is a beautiful blue hue. To make blue steel you'll need to make some lye and put some saltpeter in it to make bluing solution, then just soak the steel in the solution.

Aluminium is acquired through primitive hydrometallurgy, soaking crushed bauxite in water to make a concentrated solution then making bricks with the sediment, letting them dry then smelting them in a bloomery.

Red phosphorus is acquired by first making some phosphate slurry, which is water and crushed phosphorite. Phosphate dust is made by combining crushed charcoal, quartz and phosphorite and cooking in a bloomery. Put the dust in the slurry to make a phosphate clay, then put the clay in a crock and toss it in a bloomery. White phosphorus is unstable and will revert back to phosphate dust unless you bake it into red phosphorus, crushed red phosphorus can substitute for blast powder in ore bombs. 

Damascus steel is acquired by putting steel back into the cementation furnace, real damascus steel is high carbon steel so this seemed fitting.

Dolomite re-added



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updated to 1.0.9 - was on moddb already
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First off great mod, adds plenty of both aesthetic and functional content to the mid-game and end-game.

These tools and armor all have no durability listed and will break immediately on use

tool steel knife
electrum long blade
titanium gold hoe
plate helmet (Nichrome)
plate body armor (Nichrome)
plate leg armor (Nichrome)
Brigandine helmet (titanium gold)
Brigandine body armor (titanium gold)
Brigandine leg armor (titanium gold)

The rest is just stuff with missing tool tip content

All the different chunks of magnesium, crystalized and normal, have no units listed

The red phosphorus, manganese,and magnesium, bits/chain/lamellae all have no tool tip, where as the plates only have the generic plate tool tip

Then the item 'metal bits' has several of the metals from your mod present but not named or with tool tips

And that's all I've found,

Thank you for making and sharing this mod with us

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red phosphorus, manganese and magnesium chains/bits/lamellae should all be hidden in the handbook hence why I didn't make smelting stats for them, they are visible in the creative menu but I have no direct control over that. I can have them hidden from creative menu but it's redundant work imo.

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  • dolomite re-added, it should be 100% good to go now. Although I recommend backing up your save just to be safe
  • added coal, iron, native copper and magnesium to dolomite
  • handbook entries to help with the mods content
  • corrected more lang file entries
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  • Minnigin changed the title to [1.16.1] More Metals 1.0.8
  • Minnigin changed the title to [1.16.1] More Metals 1.0.9
  • Minnigin changed the title to [1.16.1+] More Metals 1.0.9
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Nickle copper alloys require coke, and coke requires iron and tends to be something you only do when transitioning to steel.  So it seems imbalanced to be the same stats as regular bronze.  Feel like they should have the stats of iron with the durability of bronze, as a half way step since it can be cast rather than forged.

Or is there an easier way to get coke than putting coal in a coke oven. Or possibly a different fuel?

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