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  1. k I fixed it, I also changed the zip file's title to reflect the change
  2. do you mean I should change the modinfo to this?
  3. I have a few blocks in mind to add I made those windows to appease someone, yes they're silly but that's what they wanted I know my JSON's aren't fully complete. Some I just threw together with basic stats to make it work, I am currently very busy taking online coding courses so this mod will get a nice overhaul when I'm all ready and knowledgeable.
  4. whoops sorry about that, old project I never got around to completing, I've uploaded the mod with it removed
  5. there ya go only fixed that for now, sounds will be fixed eventually
  6. I'll look into the gate problem soon, ya some of the block JSONs aren't completely filled out I know. I'll get this all in order in due time once I'm available to
  7. mod seems to be fine with 1.14.7, nothing new yet as Iam currently still busy irl. I'll look into the medieval problem when I have time though if I can do anything about it I will for sure.
  8. that's weird, my roof blocks are actually step blocks so I wouldn't know where to begin with that one
  9. nothing new yet but the trapdoor is completely fixed now so that's cool
  10. Currently on hiatus but will be back full swing in the 2nd week of Jan or so. I am checking every one of 1.14.3 rc's if the trapdoor has been fixed, so far it has not.
  11. 1.1 Update - Back to the Basics - added basic grass stairs & slabs ( sorry to requester for tardiness ) -added grass windows, plain, quartz and glass variations -added grass versions of the fence & gate ( custom fence coming soon )
  12. 1.0.9 Update - Icicles - added icicles to the winter roof blocks ( pic on main post )
  13. okay, I made a few designs and for a final decision I asked my son and this is what I'm going with, 1.0.8 Update - Graphical Update - added snow versions for thatch roofing - corrected a lot of texture issues
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