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Blue cheese in a warm climate, impossible?


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Wiki and handbook say it needs to be ripened in a cellar with "at least one block open to the outside", but that's quite paradoxical isn't it? A cellar by definition is an enclosed space.

My cellar is underground, and no matter how long of a corridor of blocks I build to the outside my shelves don't display as suitable for ripening. I tried if an open hatch or an open door counted as an "open block" since they retained the room's cellar status, and I even tried chiseling a small hole instead of removing a full block to access the corridor. All resulted in cheddar.

I found a russian tutorial/article from last June that seems to conclude (had to use a translator) that blue cheese had to essentially be open-air aged in a low sunlight place, in a climate cold enough where shelves placed in caves had a natural modifier of x0.5 or lower. I'm in the middle of summer in a warm climate (35c+ midday) and I don't think I can venture deep enough underground to find ambient temperatures that are suitable, if they exist. I'll basically need to find a translocator to some northern area to pursue this further, or try and check my cave temps in winter and time my ewes accordingly :P

Have any players in warmer climates managed to actually make blue cheese? If yes I would love to know your setup!

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