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Anti-drifter gear


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As I am playing with rifts turned on (I really like the idea) I noticed a few things:

- rifts opening near my buildings are causing drifter infestation (especially in my cellar)

- smooth lighting transitions between blocks makes finding places with insufficient light permiting drifter spawning really hard

My suggestions for this issues are:

- make it possible to "ward" buildings, for example by placing special blocks on corners of the property. It should have limited max area. If you want to make it bigger, build more devices. They should be available in late game and be really expensive by combining temporal gear, stone and iron or (preferably)steel for each device

- to "see" insufficient lit blocks there could be a fragile device (for example glasses with really low durability to make them expensive). It should be available mid-game by combining copper wire with glass (or clear quartz) and temporal gear. 

Warding, the same as lighting the area, should have no effect during temporal storms.

Please let me know what you think about it.

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I would suggest to stop mob spawning on player placed block.

I don't even like the spawn logic. You clear some area, all entrances are closed and suddenly something is here. Mobs should spawn at a greater distance and try to find a way to the player.

Not like I'm in the garden a suddenly before my eyes, 3 drifters are materialized. May be it was the drift near by, but ... It would look better if they would jump  out of the rift.
... and 1 drifter was in my cellar ...  hmmmm ... surprise ...

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