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As I'm sure we are all aware, chiseling has four chisel modes - 1x1, 2x2, 4x4, and 8x8 - for when you want to chisel away or chisel back voxels for your projects. For those of us who are not currently using Workbench Expanded, if you have very specific chisel requirements for your projects, such as a lot of 1x1 chiseling, the process - while fun and enjoyable in its own right - can become somewhat tedious and take a lot of time. 

I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a slider mechanic for the chisel, to be able to cut as much as possible within the four modes without having to physically chisel it all one bit at a time.

My thoughts were that it would function much as normal in that you can choose one of the four modes to chisel with (you can't cut the whole block out on a 1x1 or even an 8x8) however, it would also operate similarly to Workbench Expanded in that all of the blocks that you slide chisel on any of the four modes would accumulate usage at the same time once the decision was completed. So if you slide chisel out 16 blocks using the 1x1 slider, the chisel would take usage equivalent to you having physically cut 16 blocks one by one. 

In order to make the slide chiseling work, you would have to hold the left mouse button on the layer that you want to remove and release when you have all of the voxels that you want to remove, and vice versa for replacing with the right mouse.

And slide chiseling could be toggled on and off in the tool mode menu so that you can accomplish both tasks of physical chiseling and slide chiseling.

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