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  1. Nice! Well, it seems that I have a loooooong way to go to get to the equator and I'm probably going to need a lot of translocators. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Maybe I'm just blind or maybe I just haven't hit the appropriate area yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any information on whether or not certain trees spawn in certain biomes or in particular conditions. I've seen maples, oaks, birches, and pines, but I have yet to see acacias, kapoks, or bamboo.
  3. This right here is why I've stuck with Vintage Story for as long as I have and it feels like so little time. I've seen Minecraft for years and thought to myself, maybe I can make something cool, idk. The day that I saw someone else playing Vintage Story, I was almost immediately hooked. I feel like I get to learn something new about both the materials and the processes that it requires to make the materials, and I feel very rewarded when I make the materials happen. It felt really good when I made leather for the first time, when I prepped loads of food for winter, when I went through the ardu
  4. ruggbean


    I think the closest thing the game has is adding fly agaric mushrooms to your food - they deal 10 HP per bite. Are you talking about other kinds of poisons, like alchemic?
  5. I have yet to get into the mod scene for VS, but I'm very excited to see the different kinds of mods that are being introduced and updated along with the base game. Also, having looked at the post that you linked this post with, I'm happy to see more people who want to see this being worked, albeit with different keywords. If they haven't implemented the mod as a feature by the time I upgrade my computer and workspace, I'm definitely going to check it out; thank you!
  6. So with the addition of bone soil panning, I've noticed a huge increase in the amount of copper spearheads that I've been getting. While I do appreciate being able to have this supply of weaponry at hand, it can get overwhelming very quickly. I know that at least two people have spoken on this topic previously, but I have a very particular suggestion for this implementation that I think would be ideal. Provided that the tool has not been made yet, you can melt down the spearhead back into their base or alloyed metals, but you need multiple spearheads instead of just one to make one ingot. S
  7. ruggbean


    I've been wondering about trees. I want to be able to plant trees for aesthetics and also repopulation purposes.
  8. I think I was able to get the issue resolved, but I will have to keep all of this in mind for next time. Thank you for the insight.
  9. I did try right clicking on it, left clicking on it, saved and reloaded a few times, and it was like the stand didn't have access collision. The issue kind of fixed itself about ten minutes ago - I was able to access the stand and the armor and move it - but I spent almost all of my time from the point that I posted this to the issue fix not really being in my base, so I'm wondering if the stand just reloaded its collision.
  10. Hello, So, I'm trying to rearrange an area in my base and I find myself unable to move or otherwise interact with the armor stand. Can't remove the armor, can't pick up the stand, and it isn't even showing up in my UI. Is this a bug or is there a way to interact with the armor stand that I am just woefully unaware of?
  11. No, we don't necessarily need an unrealistic survival game, but even games like The Long Dark did the "Escape the Darkwalker" Halloween event. Personally, I'm enjoying VS way more than other similar games like Minecraft or The Long Dark because of the elements that you're listening, but fantasy and some cosmic horror appeal to me more than strict realism.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, you can turn off the aggressive mobs by using the world config command or initial configuration.
  13. So, the parts of this game that include drifters remind me a lot of The Shadow over Innsmouth and the subsequent game that was based on that story, Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. From the wiki: The narrator finds Innsmouth to be a mostly deserted fishing town, full of dilapidated buildings and people who walk with a distinctive shambling gait and have "queer narrow heads with flat noses and bulgy, stary eyes" I think that the drifters used to be people a long, long age ago, however they incited an apocalypse event through the discovery and usage of temporal technologies,
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