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Optimize settings on Linux


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Hi, I play VS on Linux (currently Kubuntu 21.10) with mesa drivers (no AMD driver). I have a Ryzen 5 3600 CPU with 32GB Ram and a Radeon RX570 GPU with 8GB Ram. I also have a 2k monitor (1440p).

I have playable frame rates with medium settings if I play in a window or reduce the screen resolution to 1080p as long as the vegetation is not too dense. Can I optimize that without sacrificing view range or other settings? I turned off vsync and set the frame rate to 60 and I don't optimize Ram usage (because I think I have enough Ram).  I can disable FXAA and Bloom and set shadows to low detail, which is still ok.

But I want more view range. At least 256 blocks. But then the frame rate drops. Can I optimize this somehow? (I attached the clientsettings.json)

And assuming I want to play at least with very (or even ultra) high settings at 1440p, what hardware would I need?


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