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SOME intrests suggestions!!! improve Gameplay

eddy vent

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  • hello guys.

first of all i want to thanks the developer of this beautiful game! and  to share with you my suggestions over the hours spent with this title


  • after made a saw, we can make wood planks:

- Ok, is better than minecraft, but we can make the gamplay more deep. when you "saw" 1 wood log you break it in 9 wood axis (similar to firewood but cleaner)

          9x(wood axis)                                  ----------->   1 block of wood Planks

1 block of wood planks + saw + hammer ------->  Wood working bench (where saw and hammer , have endless life)

  • with this working bench only for wooden items we can create the same items, but only by wood axis

-for exaple opened the workbench menu in the crafting grid whit same mechanis you can craft doors, fences , stairs ecc.....



  • improve the day/night ratio

-another problem i've noticed , the day-time is too short i think in game (at 1.9.2) is 12:12 day/night ratio. my suggestion is to add day time by 14:10

  • longer days

-following the day/night problem, we can make overall 24h time-speed slower, (without changing the mecanism times like cooking or smeltin) i tought by a 0,5x time speed 

so we can explore farther or simply stay under sun longer



  • ingots and crucibles can be carry with something like "pot holder"

this can be logical, we can't hold something hot, especially if it has a temperature of 800/1000 grades , so we can craft a pot holder by flint or stone knives shape (not proprely knives , but the product of knapping that produce 2x)  and two sticks so:

      2x stone/flint knives + 2x stiks -----------> 1 pot holder 

without pot holder we can't approach high temperature stages, so it became so necessary

  • more ore minerals to improve the range and the bio diversity of the already exist.

 for example something for specific tool ,like diamond chisel (unbrakeable) ,or titanium items to make lighter and durable tools (in orther to suposed weight update)

  • and improve the beautiful chemical aspect that already exist and intrest very alot the comunity (right now is very very accurate, but we can do better for exaple with a hardness parameter different by ore spec)



be serius , please .

  • add cannabis plants

we can found randomly a cannabis plant! this will be very interest , everybody knows the importance of cannabis-fibers. the plants could be of two tipes : male and female 

for the seeds we need both but what they drops?

                          1st stage   *                                                                                                     2nd stage  *                                                                                          3rd stage*

little male (1 block height) ------> 4x hemp sticks                                    mid male (1.5/1.75 h.)-----> 8x hemp stick                          old/mature male (up to 2 h.)-------> 20x hemp sticks

little female                 -------> 4x hemp stick + 5x flowers                       mid female   --------->8x hemp stick + 10 flowers                 old/mature female ------> 17x hemp stick+ 20 flowers +1 apical

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       *(IMPORTANT!!! growing stages aren't blooming stages)


-by smashing with the hammer on anvil we make from 1 hemp stick -----> 2x hemp fiber

hemp stick have same propeties of cattail, so can be used for crafting of baskets ec... and hemp fiber can be use like dry grass but also for the carfting of bow

(hemp stick = frame + hemp fiber = string) 


  • importance of inflorescence:

they also drop flowers.....but unfortunly not for smoking.......the flowers contain resin, this is the same of beewax but we need to extract it!

so put in a crucible 20x flowers at low temp. and long wait we have the HempWax  unit 

3x HempWax ------> 1 candle                         1x HempWax + 3x Hempfiber +3x hempsticks --------> 1 Hemp Poultice (+3Hp)          

the apical can be used for bees or smashed into 5x flowers (this tipe of plant will be very important for the fauna , bees expecially)


  • the life of Hemp plants

this is the most important thing, they lives only in temperate/hot climate, they need all nutrients for growing (N,K,P) in case of nutrient lack they cant grow upper stage 2 also in longer times

and they can reproduce whit a simpathy and intrest mechanic :

put one male and one female in distance not longer than 2 block , in a mature stage the male "fecund" feamle so she can't pruduce flowers but seeds 

fertilized feamle Hemp ---------> 20x hemp sticks + 200/250 Hempseeds (in case of 3rd stage plant)

this is totally random expecially the female/male selection. so seeds can be use for growing more plants or for make some edibles like the HempPowder created by smashing hem seeds on the envil , in order to make bread for example ecc...


  • Another big lack of this game is the want of fruit trees

we can add some fruits trees like appletree , lemon ,orange , watermelon (i know , they dont grow on a tree , this can be scary), pear ,cherry ecc...

and to make the game more harder , the fruits cant yeld only by shears , whitout it you can take anyway the fruits ,but braking the bush 

the fruits trees have tree stages :

1st stage: only leaves                                                           2nd Stage : leaves + flowers (different type of flower by type of fruit)             3rd Stage: Fruits + Leaves (no fruit maturaion stages!)

-every time you keep all fruits the cycle restart from 1st stage.



  • cooking on fire pit

this will seem stupid, but i think a mechanic more like crucible is not too bad for the gameplay , so instead cooking directly on the fire pit an a little frame magically show up, we need to build this little frame whit stick 

3x sticks ------------> 1 cooking frame  (coocking frame have only 2 slots avaible)

further we can build it by metal and make it that will not be consumed 



  • Nothing to add, a big part of actually comunity is a big supporter of this aspect ,the only advise is stay away from electricity! only clean sources







so Thanks for reading and sorry for my english!!! , during my journeys in vintage story i will update this message with some intrest new suggestions 

King Regards from ITALY!!!


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