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Ghost towns and Sinister Villages


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Something rare but super memorable in Minecraft was the ability to run into a rare ghost town generation. No npcs. Just ruined buildings and cobwebs. Maybe in a dire straight in hardcore you make one a temporary patchwork home or maybe you just try and find anything useful from a memorable break in the wilderness. 

Playing VS with its tone and setting talking about some great disaster really makes me wish we could see something like that. Something less "Heres some npcs to turn into a game breaking trading hall" and more something like the Ganados village in Resident Evil 4 or the Windmill and Frenzy villages in Elden Ring. Perhaps abandoned and just for flavour beyond the existing cobble ruins or perhaps with more humanoid enemies as a surface/daytime localised alternative to drifters or a darker take on the minecraft pillager idea? if the worlds meant to be in a dire state it seems odd everyone we meet is an amicable trader and some haven't gone full every settlement for itself right?


I just picture walking through some forested region thinking you've spotted a bit of a traders wagon or something and either found a nice bit of environmental storytelling that feels a bit more recent than the ruins or worse realise what you thought was a trader is in fact an enemy and its time to fight or run and it feels like a neat fit for this kind of setting/situation.

Frenzy Village.png

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