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  1. Bonjour ! Bien sur que vous pouvez aider à la traduction ! allez sur le lien suivant ( https://crwd.in/vintage-story-game ), inscrivez vous et vous pourrez commencer à soumettre vos traductions ! N'hésitez pas à rejoindre le Discord si ce n'est pas déjà fait , nous avons un salon francophone si vous souhaitez discuter des traductions ou discuter tout simplement .
  2. Meteor pieces used to smelt into iron ingots before it was added in 1.14 but now it has its own ingots
  3. Hello , for now the support for Mac OS has been dropped as stated here :
  4. a button to seal the barrel will appear when the right ratios will be in the barrel . if you don't have the seal Button , this is because you are missing a product or you have too much of one of the products in the barrel .
  5. hmmm could you just not harass someone to update his mod just because you saw him connected ?
  6. Hello ! Could you try the following command : /fixmapping applyall It should remap all the items and such . I'm not quite sure if you need to restart the world after the end of the remap tho .
  7. Hello ! I'm hosting my servers not natively ( CentOS + Pterodactyl in Docker ) so you might use less ram than me but an approximate estimation of what to expect : - empty vanilla Server : ~400MB of ram needed . - additional Per Player Ram : ~300MB but i'd say ~400MB . - For more than 20 players , it's recommended to have a strong Single Core Performance and several cores available ! Your SSD is very good , Your Fiber too and you are running on Windows 10 which should be even Better ! You could go with 32GB but i guess it's better to see first how it goes and then add if needed
  8. iirc you can change that in the config of the mod
  9. Alright the colors are Ok , i'd prefer some more saturated ones but this ones are OK . What's disturbing me the most is that THE GROUND has the exact Same colors as the LEAVES and this is making it tasteless . Again that's my opinion i've played a lot and many plains and woods look the same , you can easily get lost because it's like a 1 color soup on your screen .
  10. this is in my opinion the biggest issue , visually . It make all the landscape look the same , and it looks very tasteless . I mean i love autumn , but other seasons such as spring and Summer are not very well handled . It really feels unatural and it doesn't help to find a specific place when lost because everything looks the same . For me a color boost/update ( colors not blending but having better contrasts ) is the way to go.
  11. There was already an attempt to have electricity / logical circuits in this Mod : https://github.com/VonZeeple/Signals It's stil WIP but here you go !
  12. It's probably a Mod and i'm guessing that it's CarryCapacity Mod ! Here is the link to the Mod ! https://github.com/copygirl/CarryCapacity
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