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Wild Beehives


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I've been searching around for a while and I finally found a large wild beehive. I've been beside it for four in game days now and the display is still:

Wild bee hive (Large)
Nearby flowers: 44
Population Size: Large

I've planted flowers near them and left a skep nearby since day one of four. Is there something I'm doing wrong? 

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Nope, you've got it right! I've had them take seven days before. Bees can seriously take their time. Even if the population starts large, the amount of time it takes for them to swarm and move in can vary. You can turn on block information (default key is 'B' I believe) to see an estimated time to swarm. It's also influenced by the number of flowers nearby, so if they seem to be particularly indecisive, you can try adding more.

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