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Bats, vampire-bats and a Bran Stark Effect with bats ...


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Hey, I have some Ideas about two new creatures and about a magic feature like in Game of Thrones, like Bran Stark ...

First Suggestion, Bat:

Bats live in caves, semi-caves, and larger ledges, but also in ruins if there are dark, sheltered corners in the ruins.

They are mostly peaceful. But the player should be scared, because the bats are scared too. They rarely attack the player, if so only weak bites, like the fox or the rooster. Bats are nocturnal, so you can sometimes see them flying between sunset and sunrise.

The player can also attract bats. Through unlit rooms, an unlit building, with the possibility to fly in (through an open window, hole in the wall, hole in the roof), through an artificial cave, for example an unsealed mining mine. A hole of 1x1 block is large enough.

Killing bats mostly useless, maybe seldom a chance of loot for a bushmeat or a flax-fade.

Second Suggestion, Vampire-Bat:

They are not animals, they are monsters. They should spawn like Locusts. They have glowing red eyes, like green glowing spiders. They are larger than natural Bats. they have nothing to do with natural Bats, maybe they are Mutations, who knows? The damage are like the same, like from green spiders. U need three-four sword hits to kill a vampirebat. Killing bit harder, they are flying and they agile. Maybe they are spwan from hanging locust nests?! :D They are also two times larger than natural bats. 

Third Sugestion, some crazy magic, like a fly the creative-game-mode:

With a bed and some magic herbs and a bat in your near, you can take control and fly a bat and see with the eyes of the bat. The player fly like in creative mode, but he can not collect nothing, he can not build nothing, the area of this captured bat is glowing green.
But be carefully, if the bat did die, the player will die too. The player die in the bed. 

The player have (flight) control over the bad during the whole sleep time, e.g. 6 hours with the simple straw bed. You can use the control of the bat for exploring caves, for cool snapshoots of your buildings and so on, you can also sleep and fly, control this bat in the day hours. But be carefully, if the bat did die, the player will die in the bed too :D 

If you know Game of Thrones - so you know the Bran Stark - Ravenmagic. You see with the eyes of this raven, oh, I mean of this bat!!!!!!!!!!

Requirements for bat control:
=> The player must be tired enough, he has to go to sleep
=> Before sleeping, the player must have drunk or eaten a herbal or mushroom mixture, so ask for your ideas
=> In the near you need a bat nesting place, maximum 50 blocks from the bed / sleeping player away.
=> The bat must be able to fly out through an opening....

and as a result, the player sees through the bat's eyes (for exact sleep length). But physically the player stay in bed, but be carefully, if the bat die, the player did die too :D

It will be cool for exploration, without leaving your home/base. In the next night you can take control again about this bat, even this bat is far far away. Only first contact are limited by 50 blocks. But be carefully, you can lost this bat.
Predators, birds, cats can eaty our bat and during magic connection (if you sleep) you will die too, if the controlled bat did die.

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