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Land claiming Improvments!!


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so, seeing as no one has seemed to have ever suggested this, ive done so, on the discord and now here.... Claim Sub zoning. it would be super nice, to be able to create a subzone inside a claim.
how this world work? i figure the commands would look something like this
normal selection area then use something like 
/land claim addsubzone
(while inside the subzone, you can change permissions of it, or some commands could be thought up)

as a server owner, i cant tell you how many times, ive had to unclaim and reclaim, just to have a small area inside something like spawn town.

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another land improvement could be adding permissions to claims, such as disabling liquid's from flowing into a claim. i know not many are going to encounter this, but as the game continues to get more popular, greifers will begin to pour into the game slowly and look for ways to destroy servers, i fear "cobble monsters" could become an issue (pouring of lava, then water until you have a mountain of stone. sure fairly easy to remove, but time still spent for the admins, to remove it.)

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