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A fun foe for Ruins; Moth Swarms


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This provides a "Swarm" enemy that isn't bees or mosquitos or otherwise that would harm you. 

"But how would that be deadly?" 

Easy; They'd distract you. 

Making clothes lose durability quickly while "Attacked", but not dealing damage to you directly. Swarming around your screen as you try to flee from foes, slowing you.

Why would moths be around, though? 

Ruins that specifically give scraps of cloth, leather or whatever would be handy - But also giving you some base structures for looms, spinning wheels and other tailor-oriented crafting materials. Besides; Everyone carries a torch. Place one down and the moth swarm will be distracted by it until it burns out. 

This also leads to a fun thing...Silkworms. Silkworm larva could be find in the ruins the moths are around, and can be moved elsewhere. Lovely silk clothes that could sell for a lot of gears, and make fanciful clothes and furniture, giving us another insect to grow our empires with! 

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