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Biome/formation sizes


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Desperately looking for limestone/chalk around the base.

Got a circle ~6k blocks around revealed (12k diameter).

Mostly by traveling around/translocating, yet few times used .viewdistance 999 to see what is beyond big lakes.

What is seen is basalt over sandstone/bauxite, exposed claystone, some andesite, granite.

Small areas of exposed shale, conglomerate and slate.

Yet no signs for lime sources on the surface.


My questions are:

1) what is the average size of a single basic stone type formation area (e.g. claystone)

2) what is the average size of different biomes in this formation - e.g. basalt gravel vs forest


In case I am wrong when looking for limestone via revealed map, and the lime source is actually under other stone' type:

3) what stone types may cover limestone/chalk? E.g. as far as I understand neither granite nor andesite may ever cover limestone.


Thanks in advance,


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After some observations and empiric estimations:

1) Single type sedimentary layer area spans for ~1-2k blocks. Including no sedimentary layer areas where metamorphic(mid-) and even igneous(deep) layers are exposed to the surface.

2) In some cases secondary sedimentary layer may be on top of the primary sedimentary area. Works for semi-precious rocks such as bauxite, limestone and chalk being on top of primary one such as sandstone or shale.

3) Basalt may cover everything including two sedimentary layers. This imposes the need to probe deeper if you are looking for semi-precious rock types. Basalt may form the same ~1-2k area.



The closest limestone I have found around was some 7.5k blocks from the spawn, reachable by two xlocators one after the other.



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When I'm having difficulties finding a particular stone location, I like to run "/wgen testmap rockstrata". It'll print several png files to your game folder that highlight the location of the named filed in white. I believe it does a sampling of the entire game world.

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The command throws an exception:


15.7.2022 02:35:59 [Error] Command: /wgen
15.7.2022 02:35:59 [Error] Arguments: testmap rockstrata
15.7.2022 02:35:59 [Error] Exception: System.NotSupportedException: The given path's format is not supported.


Trying to identify the required path and its format. Probably the screenshots directory simply doesn't exist.

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