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Small one #6 (Clay forming)


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Another small one i just thought about.

Since game is intended to move away from grid crafting we could have forms for bricks and by extention shingles since both are just full cuboids.

there could be two kinds : crude and "normal"

crude would be made from 2 fire wood pieces and axe ( like how tools are used in crafting)

normal made from 8 planks and hammer

both are used in the same way, you right click it with clay and it fills up then right click it again to take your brick/shingle out, the diference is crude only makes one at a time while normal one makes 6 ( crude would be just a 4 sides box while normal would be bigger and with partitions) you could extand it to other types of bricks (refractory/mud) by changing the recipe result to clay mix which can be turned into bricks with help of the same form. Mud bricks would then need to be left to dry before you could craft blocks from them instead of fireing them it pitkiln.

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