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Sreenshots - We must sound the drums of war

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Beneath that milky hide,
There's emptiness inside
I wonder if they even bleed?

No more even human





Just a few screenshots of preparing to my latest temporal storm.

I can't help to absolutely LOVE the atmosphere of this event. Chanting 'Savages' as I gather my spears and turn up the sound. Also the heavy sepia tones remind me of the good ol' Dahaka chases from Prince of Persia Warrior Within... that game is my personal GOAT.

And with Better Drifters and Temporal Tinkerer mods installed, even the loot is worthwhile for a fun little combat challenge.


Anyhow... feedback is appreciated, but I'm more interested to turn the topic into a Temporal Storm/ general combat screenshots and stories thread. Want to hear from everyone's experiences :D

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