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[Request] Code mod for pulverizing ore chunks into nuggets, then nuggets into dust

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Title. I'm not happy with the way the QOL-Tweaks Ore Pulverizer mod implemented things, so I tried to make my own version, but after some discussion on the discord server, I learned that it would likely be much better as a code mod, not as a content mod. As code mods are far beyond my ability, I decided to make a request.

I would like someone to make a mod that:

1. Allows one to pulverize ore chunks into their respective nuggets.

2. Allows one to configure the amount of bonus nuggets, if any, one gets from pulverizing ore chunks. Preferably you could have the choice of a multiplier or a flat amount (multiplier could be used to double the yield of every ore or increase it by 1.5x, flat amount could add +2 nuggets to every pulverized chunk, etc.) but just a flat amount is fine.

3. Maintains compatibility with crushed vanilla and modded ores by making crushed ore chunks not yield the crushed item, but instead make nuggets yield the crushed item. For example, pulverizing a cassiterite chunk would give you cassiterite nuggets, and pulverizing a cassiterite nugget would give you crushed cassiterite. Additional crushed items for every ore are not needed; I only want the mod to make sure that I don't get crushed cassiterite when I'm trying to get cassiterite nuggets - but still can get crushed cassiterite.

Suggested name for the mod is Pulverize Ores Again, the "again" referring to the fact that you'd have to put the ore through the pulverizer twice to get the crushed version. But it's up to the actual mod author, of course.

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