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Wild hive not swarming

Rod Marsh

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I seem to have a problem with wild hives not swarming,I have tried all the suggestions with several hives that I have found

The example in the image below is a medium hive, with 28 accessible flowers, a large population, and an empty skep within 7 blocks I have waited nearby from April through to June so I believe this should be enough time.

I have tried this with other hives, some large, and with 100+ flowers, they still wont swarm. even after a long time the hive never updates with a "Will swarm in x days" tag

Any suggestions or is this a bug?

Version 1.16.5

Mod List

Animal Cages, Backpack Plus, Better Crates, Better Doors, CarryCapacity, OresAPlenty, Realistic Logs. Vies Blocks, VSHUD, Wild Farming, YABBA


Screenshot (172).png

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Added version and mod list
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It could be a bug, but to say for sure, you might want to add a list of the mods you use and the game's version you play on.

It could be the temperatures/humidity too, or you somehow disabled that line from showing. Or you didn't stay in the area... swarming is dependent on random ticks if I'm not mistaken, which means if you only go there to take a look every now and then, it could be the event never happens because the hive always is in unloaded chunks (similar to the change of seasons)...

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Thanks for the reply

I updated the main post above with the version and mods I use.

It shouldn't be the area issue you mentioned I built a hut next to it (within 20 blocks) and AFK'ed it for a whole season, just checking the hive, eating and sleeping, as I thought chunk loading might have been an issue.

Guess it's time to make some test worlds and try it with individual mods ^_^

Thanks for your help tho 🙂

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7 hours ago, Rod Marsh said:

Animal Cages, Backpack Plus, Better Crates

Those aren't the likely culprits (else I'd have the problem too, if it's no combination of misfortunes). On the other side I haven't seen that line of text myself in 1.16.5 they just always occupy the skep some day. But maybe From Golden Combs did fix the issue? Next time I'll play I'll take a closer look for that.

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Well I created a new world, found a wild hive and placed the flowers and within 5 minutes got the "Will swarm in aprox. 6 days" tag. Same settings and mods, I was going to use the world seed once I found the hive with various mods disabled but I didn't need to try that tho'

Next thing is to see if the original world seed works in a new world, but it's looking like something is messed up in that particular world. So much time 😩

Thanks for your help Hal it was very useful🙂


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