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Tidy up the "Loading" screen

Professor Dragon

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I'd like to see a tidy up of the "Loading" screen.


1) Remove the date, time stamp and "type" flag.
This is "log file" debug level information, it is not something that a player needs to see. Certainly not on each line.

2) Heavily tidy up the use of ellipses (". . .").
There are just way too many!
For a start, as each line of the welcome poem is scrolled out to you slowly, that timing serves one of the purposes of an ellipsis, which is a "delay."
Secondly, the run of the ellipsis into a second one seems overdone. If you imagine that as one line, then there are two sets of ellipses on one row.

I'm thinking that this has been "on the list" but as a presentation item, has been pushed back behind bug fixes and new content.

Still, it seems like an "easy win" to clean up, for the very first thing that a player sees on starting/re-entering a world.

I'm not going to have a go at the text. I like the concept of the opening scroll as a scene setter, and I'm sure that word-smiths can contribute to future endeavors here.


On a positive note, I love the backgrounds on the Loading screen. Given that I'm still struggling in a stone and earth huts, it is nice to see what a lovely world can be created, with more time and effort.

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