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Commenting on long topics takes time, not everyone can read everything and make informed differentiated comments on a topic in one session, especially as one might have to take notes on some more complex topics to not forget a point later.

It would really help if users could save a certain number of draft posts (maybe somewhere between 1 and their forum rank, or maybe fixed 2 or 3 for everyone, idk what would be appropriate for this purpose), those drafts would not be public and the user could write more, correct things, finish the post another day. The draft could be saved in one's profile and be linked to the topic it's for, making it easy to get back into writing on it, or deleting it from inside the profile.

Of course one could use a text editor, copy the post and save the post as txt and later on copy it back into the on-page-editor to write more, but that's tedious and finding the right topic again can be problematic, especially if it's not on the first few pages of a sub forum or one researches several topics.
Of course one could just post it, but even if one wrote something like "ignore until finalized" the forum automatically sends everyone a notification who got quoted, who then may be pissed and attack the writer for things they haven't meant that way, because the post was not meant to be treated as finished.
For me several hours, sometimes even in the 2 digits, are somewhat usual for a differentiated post on a longer and/or more complex topic. I know the majority, maybe even the vast majority, does neither read thoroughly nor put much effort into writing a post, after all "it's no scientific paper only a post on the internet" I've been said several times, but that attitude has to change with the increase of webbased sharing of information and ideas and giving people convenient options to treat posts somewhat serious can help with it.

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