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World generation with metamorphic rock under the igneous


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Nothing special.

World height is standard 110.

Propicked the chunks around the house which are in andesite area with no sedimentary layer above it.

Just under the house: 3.9promil of magnetite, very high.

Good, right under the house 🙃

Around the house: from 3 to 3.7. Very high as well. Farther chunks - lower levels such as 2-3.

Going in vertical shaft all the way down to 10 in the chunk of 3.9%.

Propicking every 6-7 blocks. Found a lot, including zinc, tin (actually 2 deposits, one above the other by ~20 blocks), copper.

But not iron.

Arriving to ~10, phyllite floating above lava.


I am ok with the possibility of magnetite being in height of 5 to 10 and I didn't get that deep yet.

But phyllite UNDER andesite, metamorphic under the igneous??

It doesn't look like biome border as I have some 500 blocks around with andesite only.


Is it OK?

Have somebody seen such a thing in her/his world?

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Hey Vintarian,

Well, remembering my geology & edaphology classes, this is actually possible. And in my understanding, it is possible in Vintage Story too. The order of the layers is the norm, but there might be a few exceptions. I'm just assuming this based on this wiki statement:


Due to the distortion and mapping of the various rock layers, it is possible to end up with a sedimentary rock layer below an igneous layer, or even 2 igneous layers on top of one another.

Great discovery tho, and very attentive way to play 😁

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