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Jack o' Lanterns!


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I saw the Jack o' Lantern mushrooms and thought it'd be a cute thing to add to the game. 

Why not make both versions - the normal pumpkin ones nowadays, but also the old turnip ones originally made? The turnip ones could function like candle while the pumpkin ones could function like the oil lamps for how you place each. 

All you'd need to do is put down one of the two with the usual shift + right click, hold out a knife and you can select the eyes, nose and face, then add in a candle! Put in about 5 shapes for each and you have more artistic pleasure in the game. 

I do think that maybe while the crops will rot, the candles can be obtained again when breaking them. 

They may not do much other than be for fun decoration, but having a little All Hallows' Eve setting would be cute. (Maybe adding old-fashioned sweets with fruit biscuits and maple candy as well?) 

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