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Late game idea: Steam powered weapons

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Was told guns would never be a thing so got to thinking. I like ranged projectile weapons a lot, how about steam cannons and other steam powered weapons, these would require air pressure to use and would require recharging but allows for some heavy use in combat even un powered most steam weapons would deal ok damage.


All steam weapons require "air pressure" is provided via either a compressed air tank which can be replaced to "reload" the weapon, or a steam engine, tanks require an air compressor while engines just require water and a fire source (coal). All steam weapons can be crafted to take either and easily swapped between the two. Compressed air tanks are better for one off items while steam engines are better for sustained.

note: air tanks require steel some sort of valve and something to seal them. steam engines require a lot of small craft parts out of bronze and steel.

Melee weapons/tools

Steam saw

info:A steam powered chainsaw, a highly complex piece of kit to the point you can't just craft it you need to find the parts for it, though the teeth to the saw can be crafted as they wear down. Once built it is a tree chopping machine that is also good at combat though bat for hunting. USes air pressure while active when that runs out it doesn't do much, teeth require replacement after so many blocks destroyed, or enemies hit.


Powered Hammer

info: a two handed hammer striking weapon, while powered it can be triggered to deal a massive burst of damage to a single target doing so uses all of its air pressure charge meaning it is a one off attack outside of that it is a large great hammer


Mining drill

info: a steam powered drill used for mining, requires the same teeth used in the saw, like with the saw the player can not craft the parts to make this but must find them. A steam drill can easily drill a tunnel so long as it has air pressure and water to run.



Steam bow

info: calling this a bow is an outright lie, the steam bow uses air pressure to launch arrows, with an air tank able to fire 10 shots or a engine a shot every 5 seconds. (engine can hold 5 shots of power). While it lacks the limbs of a bow or crossbow it does fire similar projectile curves to them. just at a longer range, think of your arrows when you use it.


Air Rifle

info: like the saw and drill you can't just craft this yourself, you have to find the parts in ruins and other dangerous places. Thankfully it isn't that rare as its wreckage can normally be found on turret like structures used in defense. Unlike the steam bow it fires small bullets at really high speeds making it the best hunting ranged weapon in the game but it comes at a cost it can only fire 4 shots per air tank or one short every 12 seconds from a steam engine. IT is highly recommended one uses air tanks with this.




this is the main point of steam making your own clockwork golems in the late game, these will do simple tasks generally defending an area, or mining in a line. though complex ones like garden golems so exist that allow one to have something tending to a large garden with ease. Golems require steam engines and will not run on the tanks, as such make sure they are topped off with water or have a place to resupply it or else they may power down. Same with their coal supply.


Farm golem

info: the most common golem, this small tick like creature will wonder around doing basic farm work. Yes it is based of that one enemy. its main purpose is tending to farms and will automaticly take food to a place that is a cellar when it grows and replant crops as needed. Sadly they can not rotate crops so you will have to do that. They can also collect fruit from fruit trees.


Transport Golem

info: a large quad walker golem that one can ride, extremely rare found broken down in a desert if you are lucky, takes time and parts to repair. has 4 built in steam engines one for each leg. The big thing is it has several chests on its form and can carry 4 people.



info: a small biped golem that can use any melee weapon you give it, when built will stay around the place it was built and defend against wild animals and hostile beasts. Note hostile ones can be found in ruins so watch out.


Steam turret

info: an Air rifle on a geared turret bock with two steam engines, this thing will automatically fire at hostiles that get to close though it does require one finding an air rifle and making enough ammo for it. can hold 30 rounds of ammo in its storage tube. Hostile ones are found in ruins so watch out, though it is from hostile ones you get the parts for the air rifles.


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