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How to place tools on the ground?


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I just started playing the game a day or two ago and saw the new update. I'm very excited for new things, even though I still have most of the game to explore! I've been playing around with trying to place tools on the ground and can not figure it out. Any guidance on this? Thank you!

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To lean a tool against a wall, select it on the hotbar, then hold both SHIFT & CONTROL and right-click the block you want the item to sit on, which should be the block on the ground right next to the wall you want it to lean against. Obviously, there must be an appropriate size wall next to where you want to lean something (this can be made out of something as simple as dirt if necessary). To pick it back up, look at where the tool is on the ground and right-click it.

In the 'Survival Handbook' (H key), in the 'Guides' tab, there is a short guide called 'Game Mechanic: Ground Storage' at the very bottom that describes how to do both ground and wall-leaning storage, for future reference.

Also, if it is not on by default, you can turn on block interaction help with the 'N' key. This shows you all the possible key and mouse combinations for the item you have equipped in its proper contexts, as well as showing them for whatever block you are looking at.

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