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  1. I do also have mixed feelings regarding the curse thing tbh. While I do like it from the perspective that it might get the word out there more as a moddable game. I am also against it due to even though it would not be an exclusive right for curseforge to host mods, I do think it could basically become that. so my personal opinion is currently, that if it happens, I would like there to be some agreement that allows you to rehost any VS content that is hosted on curseforge.
  2. I voted yes but I would like to add a request, add an api version that is seperate from the content. It does not need to be visible or anything but for modding it would be nice.
  3. I will throw in my thoughts too. There should not be any hard version lock down, so just a warning message but no refusing to work. There should be a separate version for the game content and the Engine/API since modding is a big part of the game since the game itself is a mod. Regarding splitting version between the game and the engine, well you can not really compare it to Minecraft directly since Minecraft is one "blob" with the game engine and game in one, but if you really want to compare it, in modded minecraft pretty much everyone uses forge which has it's own version, so yes there are 2 big versions in modded Minecraft too. There should not be any breaking changes at the 4th level. 3rd level maybe if it is just a tiny thing that might break something but probably wont, 2nd larger changes but still not huge changes. 1st level huge changes like changing the world gen completely. (A bit unrelated but copy mentioned it) I am totally for having a mod repository but there should still be easy to just add a zip/folder/c# file directly to the game.
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