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  1. This is a disclaimer for anyone who has downloaded 0.97.2, it will only work properly with Capture Animals. If you do not intend to use Capture Animals, download 0.97.1 instead.
  2. Just released 0.97.2 which should address the compatibility issue
  3. Thanks, that was the problem, just need to make my patches more specific.
  4. Turns out it is some type of incompatibility with my mod. @DArkHekRoMaNT My mod only patches the transition ratios for some food items. Does your lure system rely on a behavior/ai by any chance?
  5. I do not see how as my mod only modify animal behaviors, not the animals themselves, but I will look into it. EDIT: It is an incompatibility with it. I'll speak with the mod maker to find out what it is.
  6. Got a little bug that can cause crashes when holding certain items near food seeking animals.
  7. I have added a mechanic, similar to Minecraft, where holding the food will draw animals toward you that prefer it. Though this does NOT pacify the animal, so boars and bighorns will attack if they get too close. Babies, and animals like hares and chickens will still run away if they are not generation 10, BUT... ...I have implemented a new item called the animal handling gloves. They are not a wearable and can be used to pick up small animals such as hares, chickens, and babies. Switching items, taking damage, attacking, or dying will cause you to drop the animal. They are somewhat hi
  8. Just released 0.9.5. This will make it so that animals will only get one portion per item, so multiple animals will no longer get a portion from one item. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I wanted to squeeze some other things in this patch to prepare for my other project that uses this as a dependency. Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it!
  9. I am sorry but that is not from my mod, it does nothing clothing related. The problem is, whatever mod is adding these recipes are not using the right item codes. For example game:flower-horsetail does not exist it should be game:flower-horsetail-* or game:flower-horsetail-free.
  10. That could also be a reason why they are growing.
  11. That depends on the herb, most are pretty winter hardy and can survive and grow if winter is not to bad. Only tropical herbs, like basil will have a hard time in winter.
  12. Download the newest version 0.6, that should fix it.
  13. Just released version 0.6. This should hopefully fix the herb bundles not going into the pot due to a storage attempt. Also this now adds a sapling for the fern tree, and two new seeds, the Barrel Cactus and Dwarf Saguaro. Also I have modified the saguaro cactus so that its fruits will regenerate over time.
  14. Unfortunately that is a bug with the game itself. You see the trough is a container like a chest and holds items ex. food for animals. When the player puts food in it counts it as a portion and puts it in the trough. However a hopper just simply pushes items into a container with an open slot. This means that it bypasses the feed system so it does not count as a meal. The items should be in the trough inventory though, so breaking it will return whatever items the hopper put in. Hopefully they will fix it in the next big update.
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