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  1. TL;DR: Do not hold right click, or right click more than once when using any pot on a crock Hi guys, I've seen a lot of people, myself included, having problems with crocks having zero servings or less servings than what they put in with a pot. I've found that you can still use the crocks, albeit very carefully. First, to get food into the crock properly when you have your pot of food do a quick tap of the right click button to transfer the correct amount to the crock. Do not hold right click or right click more than once! This will cause servings to disappear losing valuable saturation. Likewise if you want to put the max amount of servings in a crock(4 servings), then make sure you put that amount in there to begin with. Say if you make 6 servings in a pot, and put 4 in one crock and 2 in the other. If you make more servings and try to fill the half empty crock, it will just reduce your crock servings AND your pot servings. The math is really funky. Finally if you use exactly 4 servings in a pot and transfer them to a crock you will be left with zero servings in the pot making it unusable. To fix this get a bowl, place the pot on the ground and take the imaginary serving in the bowl and enjoy an imaginary meal and your reusable pot. Hope this helps someone prepare for winter!
  2. @redram I'm on 1.13.0. I'll go to 1.13.3 and see if that helps. Edit: Didn't help
  3. Wow I was just coming here to report that as well. And I have lost 12 servings of berry porridge and 8 servings of turnip meat stew I was going to store for winter.
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