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  1. I will make a patch that will allow flint to be used in paths once I get the energy. Thank you so much!
  2. Released a small patch just adding some small QOL things like extending the pulverizer's abilities and being able to smelt tool heads back down.
  3. 2, 3, and 4 have already been fixed in previous hotfixes, are you still experiencing that on 1.3.4? Have a hotfix coming for 1. Can you explain in more detail about the birch sap evaporating please?
  4. @AngryRob If you do not see water going down it then it is not working. Make sure that the water is the very lowest.
  5. To get liquid out of it with a bottle, you have to shift right click on top of the screwpress like you would do a bowl to a barrel.
  6. Sorry about that, missed your message, but I just released a hotfix which should restrict what the animal gloves can grab.
  7. You can also connect a chute to the bottom of the mixing bowl to get the output. As for the input locking I will definitely look into a way to get something there, full automation will still be pretty tough with current vanilla mechanics, as there is no liquid transport system, and hoppers/chutes trying to input multiple items will get clogged, meaning you will really only be able to do 4 item or less recipes with no liquids, unless you make some type of advanced sorting system out of Archimedes screws.
  8. Small patch: Since wind is not fully implemented in the base game, the wind feature for the glider is disabled for now The sluice will no longer drop rocks, to prevent infinite resource loops when used in combination with The Works! Rubblestorage rock break down the ability Made the recipes for the glider and tent bag a bit more expensive for balance.
  9. Hello copygirl, in a server I was playing on the mod crashed me, when I approached my base several times. Most of the farmland is not in use as I had depleted the nutrients, except for a few flax plants. Here is the crash log:
  10. Theoretically yes, since the tent copies blocks and their block entities, although I have not tested that.
  11. Are you sure you have the most recent version? I have been using it on a server, and out of at least 5000 blocks of sand/gravel, have only gotten 8-10 records, and a tiny bit more than that in clothing. I'm sorry, I need to make a better video. You need to make a structure first, then with a empty tent bag pack it up and pick up the packed bag. Then you can right click with the packed bag to unpack. What you are doing right now is just packing and unpacking air, there is no predefined structure. Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Released a latch that should fix the probability of the sluice.
  13. New Item Added, The Glider! Delete your old mod config to generate a new one with all the configurable options for it.
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