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  1. I released an update to stop that crash, although for right now it prevents them from being rotated.
  2. Are you running the most recent version? That caps populations, and like Travis said config is there with an option to disable poop.
  3. Does it not work with 1.15.7? Unless there were major changes, which should not be any in a minor patch, it should still work fine. And thank you!
  4. Released a hotfix address crashes from panning muddy gravel and changing seeds in the config.
  5. Just released another hotfix to deal with the population problems, although if this does not help then I really have no clue what else to do. There is now a cap on breeding which for every animal is the Breeding cap(by default 3) * the lowest litter size of that animal, within the breeding cap range(by default 20). If the space a female is in is overpopulated she will not mate with males and will lose a pregnancy. Make sure before downloading this patch that your farm is not overpopulated or pregnant females will lose their babies. You have been warned! Also, now wolves can be turned into dogs from gen 3 instead of 10.
  6. There is already an option to do that... You have to put a compost bin on top of a hopper and fill it with rot. It will take a few days before grubs appear in the hopper. Make sure the hopper is either blocked off at the bottom or there is a container to catch them. They have to be at least gen 3 and it will tell you in the heads up display if it is ready. It can take up to two months for them to be ready, and they have to be fed well. If they are Hungry! it will stop the wool growth
  7. Can you give me the crash log for it?
  8. Are you looking in the right location? If you are on windows Roaming/VintagestoryData/ModConfigs
  9. I don't know. This latest patch is just to further address the wild population problem.
  10. Disabling Living trees will make it use vanilla mechanics
  11. Released a patch that will disable gases for the time being as they cause a lot of lag and will be completely overhauled when I have the time.
  12. Quick addition to the mod, the Chiseling Bench! This can be used to revert chiseled blocks back into their non chiseled forms and add materials to a block. The block must be completely filled in, in order to revert it. Also @Lisabet fixed quenching mechanic.
  13. If you are on Windows type %appdata% in the Search bar, click the folder that pops up, then VintagestoryData/ModConfigs. There you should see all the configs for all mods that have configs.
  14. Ok, I released a small update for a workaround for the invisible piles bug in the pottery kiln. Now when it finishes, it will put all your fired clay creations in a breakable vessel in the middle. Breaking it in creative will not drop anything so keep that in mind! Also, I will be taking a break from modding, due to a change of circumstances in my life, so updates for this and my other mods will be much slower from now on. Please keep bug reports and suggestions on this forum page, do not reach out on Discord.
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