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  1. The fact that I can shoot a man to death with gold bullets is stone cold awesome. Engraved arquebus when?
  2. Hopefully never. I crave for the day when Valve gets what's coming to them.
  3. Okay, cool. The meat rack triples (I think?) the cure rate of things that are on it, so I think it wouldn't be that difficult for me to patch herbs using your shapes to cause them to be visible on the meat rack... I'll play around with it. I don't think you can remap your bottle blocks without erasing what's inside them. Even when Jake turned bottles from blocks into containers, he couldn't find a way to preserve what liquids were inside them. It was worth it for us, though (especially with how many liquids I'm adding in the next update). I don't know if it'd be worth it for you.
  4. Banging out voxels IRL would be crazy awesome.
  5. I only added recipes, I didn't touch the original ones at all. I'm still able to make mechanical parts with fat. Now, it can be a pain when reading the handbook because it randomly moves between possible permutations, but you should still be able to use fat in their original places, where the bucket is.
  6. Battle for Wesnoth is fun, but I wouldn't really want to see any typical fantasy monsters or non-human/Seraph races in the vanilla game. As a mod though, sure. Now, a Death Head's Tree is something I could see being adapted into VS as a weird plant monster that grows in temporally unstable areas. Monsters in VS should be scary. Drifters nonwithstanding.
  7. Out of curiosity, how does your drying rack work? I'm wondering if we could tweak the meat rack in Expanded Foods to let you hang herbs from it if you have Alchemy installed. Oh, @Streetwind, you've seen the distillery concept that the devs have posted, right? https://content.invisioncic.com/r268468/monthly_2021_02/distiller.png.ceaa21b93811062a07fe5a6c2816c203.png Hopefully Tyron is taking on the challenge so we don't have to. EDIT: One last thing - I don't know how the potions in this mod work, but if they're actually liquids then you should be able to use the EF bottles for
  8. I've been told that some people have crashed while trying to press saguaro into juice. Here's a quick patch to fix it, move this into assets/expandedfoods/patches. fruit.json
  9. Only if this includes more climate-specific flowers, too.
  10. We certainly need more variety across the climates!
  11. I hope it has more functionality of the forums, then. The current comment-based format isn't entirely appropriate for long-form discussion.
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