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  1. Unfortunately, I think the ship has sailed on that one. This game is almost always going to be sold as "here's Minecraft, but with [something you wish Minecraft did] and [feature you never knew you wanted]" unless it gets RIDICULOUSLY huge. That's fine since there's a real niche to be filled that the game does a good job of doing. I think cave-ins and stuff should definitely be a part of the regular game, but... I also don't play with the setting that makes dirt subject to real gravity because it's just too different for me. Plus cave-ins aren't quite the same danger as a monster - one i
  2. Maybe I'm dumb, but I have the same issue with dummys. I'll try it with both hands empty, I guess.
  3. Aww, it looks so nice, too... surely it can't be that hard to get it working again?
  4. Is it me or does this link not work? Could someone else upload it?
  5. I dunno, I think you can have all that other stuff and still have fantasy elements. Then again, I like fantasy, so I might be biased.
  6. If animals can pull carts, then so should players. Rickshaws are pretty neat.
  7. I'm going with Industrialization purely out of the hope that we can get functional, realistic elevators because I've been wanting that from a game like this for almost a decade. And because my most recent world spawned next to a beautiful mountain range. The rest would be nice too, but that's what I really want.
  8. Cool, I didn't expect it to. So all it really does is stop you from falling off blocks and lets you fit into 1.5 square spaces, like under a slab? I ask because I remember a Minecraft mod that added crouching/crawling and I loved it, since you could fit into 1x1 holes in a totally realistic manner. VS could benefit from something like that, especially if/when stealth actually means something, since you could crawl through the bushes towards your prey to catch them unawares. Might be cool.
  9. Uhhh... weirdly enough, the shapes and textures are the only thing that are working so far. On the dough at least, I still can't get the bread to show up at all. I tried that code change last night and it didn't work, but I tried it again now and... it still didn't work. I feel like I'm missing something simple here. Oh yeah, sure, here you go. Like I said, I tried to look at the Acorns mod since it's similar to this one and that's how it had its code written. Berry Bread.zip
  10. I thought I was getting a hang of modding this game, but I suppose not. I'm trying to make a type of bread you can make with berries and I've managed to get them to show up in-game (although the name looks weird, like 'game:item-dough-berry-spelt-blueberry), but I just can't get the actual recipe to work. I also can't get the dough to actually bake, but maybe I'm just crazy. I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out here, because I thought I sorta knew what I was doing. I even took a look at the Acorns mod to see how they made dough, and it's not dissimilar to this. I dunno
  11. But then how else will everybody know I'm such a good wolf killer? Are they just supposed to trust me?
  12. It's a pretty self-explanatory title. I think it does, but that might just be placebo?
  13. Updated! Everybody go download the new version that could actually be called a real mod now.
  14. There should be a craftable scoreboard so people can check it 'in-character'.
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