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  1. I could honestly see this as a mechanic implemented into the base game.
  2. Chiseling is great, but it shouldn't have to be a solution to everything. More light sources are always welcome.
  3. How on EARTH did you pull this off? Oh my god. This is so cool. Wow.
  4. Don't forget about the Grave and Corpse mods.
  5. I'm on Windows 7 and my game's fine.
  6. I sincerely hope this game never becomes half as easy as Minecraft. Make it too forgiving and there's no reason to play VS anymore if you don't love building stuff. VS should cater to people who actually enjoy survival mechanics and not people who want to... run around and just make stuff with no consequence or reason for doing so? Half the problem with Minecraft is there's no point to doing anything or advancing. This game has similar issues but at least I feel a concrete sense of progression going from knapping rocks to smelting steel.
  7. Sorry, what new translations? If you provide me with a language file I'd be more than happy to put it in the mod. We really are just going to wind up letting players eat anything, aren't we? I'm learning a lot about what various cultures eat over here. I'll add it in. It has come to my attention that you can make wild yeast by shoving dried berries in a jar with some water... I can do that too but if we're really getting into baking then that calls for a new cooking method...
  8. It would be ideal if we could define an area to apply the text to. I'll accept defining it chunk-by-chunk, but being able to define specific areas in multiple colors would be extra cool.
  9. How do things look from the inside of the tent? Perhaps you could have some new light sources for the inside?
  10. Nah, I think there should be FOUR settings! The three I mentioned and the utter insanity of yours!
  11. I'd love it if the game had at least 3 different 'major worldgen' settings: The normal, earth-like settings we have now; a crazy floating island world with no bottom; and an infinite cave world with no surface. That's asking for a lot, but I think it would make the game 3 times as replayable.
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