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  1. This is not a particularly original idea- and I'm assuming it's not already submitted , but I was thinking about the stuff that's missing, and I thought it would be cool if content could be added using a customization checklist for each world. For example... __ Realism: ( __Stamina, __Drowning, __block gravity...) **There could be check boxes for each item. So you could check Realism and add stamina and drowning, but not block gravity,for example __Bad weather: ( __Seasons__Rain__Snow__Freezing__Overheating...) __Scary mobs: (Drifters break blocks, mobs that fly..., Events that affect mobs (blood moon kinds of things) __Magic: (Spells, Potions, Items...) ** Maybe some content is all or nothing. __Biome... & __Mountain Height... &__Ore Concentration... Or whatever you like This way the basic game can stay pristine. And yet it can still grow and be fresh and replayable. Also, modders might be inspired to create potential content options for you as mods, if they have a chance of becoming a permanent part of the game.
  2. How do I write on these? Thanks
  3. Sounds great. thanks for the info
  4. OK thanks. Not sure I could recognize what's unbalanced- I remember we didn't find much surface copper and we planned to try panning the next time we play. On every world- I have noticed that food is not an issue. Berries are so abundant I almost never eat bush meat or cooked cattail roots. So why farm? I'm sure this is in the future, but I think you need difficulty options. I don't miss the cave-ins from Terrafirmacraft but the starving was fun. Everything felt so urgent. Other than that- GREAT so far. I just want more time to play!
  5. I made a 128 high world, ignoring the warning to keep it at 256. I'm curious if there's a good reason to heed the warning- for example are half the world's ores missing now? Saying "I might not get the full survival experience at that height" only sounds like saying not falling off a mountain is cheating. This game is terrific by the way. I have over 7000 hours in Ark survival evolved and since getting this I can only think about this game. Keep up the great work and I'm sure word will continue to spread.
  6. I removed some dirt from the edge of a pond and now there are currents of water- (and a trapped sheep). Is there a command or technique that will make the water flat and calm?
  7. ambient sounds seem super low or maybe not there. Turns out it was Skype lowering volume in the mixer & you might need to make LAN clearer. It was simple to do, but it took us awhile to figure it out. thanks! 10 hrs later... Game is alot of fun. Time flew by today.
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