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  1. Thank you all for the replies! I guess if I am able to turn off the temporal storms / monsters I'm satisfied with the survival experience. Some remarks: What about cave-in's? They already include a physics engine, so it could affect that long tunnels/mines without support tend to become unstable, and trap the player while depleting oxygen. Also think about the light source, an underground fire/smoke could get out of control, destroying support structures and the smoke killing the player. True, but today most machinery is also not used to hunt, but to reduce man
  2. When I first read about this game I was truly impressed. It looked like everything I always hoped Minecraft would be - and more. Now after reading further into the monster and temporal storm dynamics I doubt that it will be perceived differently after all. Does it really need fantasy monsters and artificial conditions to emulate a tough survival experience? Aren't natural disasters, harsh winters and other weather conditions, packs of wild predators and eerie pitch dark nights enough? I only want to mention a few games which play very successfully with these themes (
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