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  1. Balduranne

    Agriculture, weeds, mulch, and plows

    That's because there's nothing else to do after iron. I'm with RedRam on this - Arbitrary gating progress through achievements is more annoying than the enforced rush to copper. I'd rather have more options before copper and more things to do once you reach iron; Longer doesn't mean better - Look at Alien: Isolation.
  2. Balduranne

    being in the dark will hurt you

    Uh, the point I was making is that I don't want jump scares in the game if it's going to use horror elements like Telem mentioned. Plus, You're the one who said: ...alongside wanting to include sanity mechanics and a state of psychosis, that sound like like something out of a survival horror game, so maybe make up your mind there. Sheesh.
  3. Balduranne

    being in the dark will hurt you

    Anything but jumps cares, please. They're really cheap, and rely on shock value rather than making you actually afraid and uncomfortable. Rosemary's Baby and The Thing didn't rely on those, and the atmosphere was solid. Alien, my all time favorite movie, uses a few jump scares, but the difference is that the movie is otherwise good and the scenes are well executed so they add to the tension, like when Dallas gets killed, or Kane gets facehugged.
  4. Balduranne

    being in the dark will hurt you

    Think you could format this post to be less... Wall'o'texty?
  5. Balduranne

    The Fauna Mod

    It's a bug. We have it fixed in the upcoming version.
  6. Balduranne

    The Fauna Mod

    Included recipes in 2nd post.
  7. Balduranne

    [Poll] Ore distribution

    But I already voted
  8. Balduranne

    Maps, ore, and player input

    I may have totally missed that, disregard.
  9. Balduranne

    Maps, ore, and player input

    Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of having them?
  10. Balduranne

    block & tackle to move very heavy items

    Nyooom. Just showing off how these could look like.
  11. Balduranne

    The Fauna Mod

    Yes, keep hitting it with the knife to harvest them. It takes about ~15-20 seconds per corpse (Knife quality/material doesn't matter) For the moment there's no real reason to carry it back to base. In the future we want the blood to attract predators.
  12. Balduranne

    The Fauna Mod

    The mod is still a work in progress, and we'll be expanding as we figure out how to add more things with our paltry coding abilities; The idea is to hunt less often, but get more per kill: To harvest a carcass, keep hitting it with a knife - It takes about 15-20 seconds, regardless of knife material. Leather is obtained by cutting up a pelt (Knife above pelt in the grid). Bones currently have no use, but will in the future. Skulls and head trophies are fairly rare drops. Pelts are very common, but you have to decide whether to keep it as a decoration or cut it up for leather. Recipes:
  13. Balduranne

    Inventory overhaul

    If you hover over the pouch, it'll show you a list of what's inside it
  14. Balduranne

    [VS-1.5.5] Darkagecraft PVE: First Public Modded Server

    Your dad is awesome!
  15. Balduranne


    I don't think many people play it, but Warframe is an online game with a surprisingly fair F2P system. The titular Warframes are, in essence, robotic puppets which function as characters with different abilities. The combat system is fast paced with a multitude of options to dispatch the enemies. One caveat is that, while it's gorgeous, it's not for everyone - The multitude of light and particle effects are likely to cause eystrain, sensory overload or seizures to people prone to these conditions. With that out of the way - The game is great. It keeps getting updated, and you really don't need to spend any money on it. The premium currency is used to trade with other players (And can be gained in such fashion) or to purchase cosmetics off the store. You CAN buy guns and frames through it, but it's a waste of money, as they are available normally. Does anyone here play it?

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