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  1. Ok, I didn't realize I need both hands free for it
  2. Does this still work on reed baskets? We have this mod on a server, but I can't seem to sneak+right click things
  3. Exactly what it says on the tin - Putting it here so it doesn't get lost on Discord. Since the dev team was not interested in using it for the official game, I'm releasing it as a mod. Included: Grain Flour Clay lumps Beeswax Fat Flint Stick Blasting Powder, Bonemeal, Lime, Mortar, Potash, Quicklime, Saltpile, Saltpeter This is a community resource - Feel free to include it in your modpack or whatever. https://www.dropbox.com/s/38cno8d5uv5ekf7/resourcemodels.zip?dl=0 Potential additions:
  4. Just FYI tanning and leatherworking is planned to be added Eventually (TM)
  5. For balancing reasons, the chance to get a head is very low. We tested it at 10% in previous versions and it was a little too common. The saw has the biggest chance to drop it, the sword is below that, the axe has the least chance.
  6. That's kinda intentional. Tony wanted to slow down progression, so the only way to get a crucible is through totem offerings.
  7. I don't think it's actually in the game yet.
  8. You're whitelisted, but the modded Darkagecraft server seems like a bad choice to learn the basics of the game, due to the many changes
  9. You need to get it from Discord
  10. I have to agree with everything, especially with the wiki part. The way the progression works is awfully specific, and I had to follow a tutorial to learn or understand any of it.
  11. I like the idea as long as you don't need to keep your nutrition levels at almost top level like with healing in MC.
  12. Hey, I can play the game again! I think the biggest issue VS has right now is storage shortage, especially in early game. There's an awful lot of items to pick up, and unless you know what you're doing in early game, you'll run out of space very quickly. So why not allow the player to just put things down? It would make sense for many resources, like rocks, sticks, leather. Allow for making stacks the same way we can do with ingots and firewood. Why use chests then? For one, a chest can store more items per block, and possibly larger stacks than the stockpile method. You also wouldn't put everything on the floor, or it might get swept up by wind or get contaminated (Feathers, grass, seeds, grain). Chests would also still be used for block storage. Specialized storage While we're at it, we could expand the variety of storage blocks/furniture we have - It would make more sense to have sacks, jars and maybe bigger wicker baskets to store certain things that wouldn't go on the ground. Storage like this could either use a 'regular' inventory, or they could accept only one type of item in larger quantities. That way, you could have a storage room with sacks of flour, grain, feathers and what have you. Jars could store liquids, baskets would hold fruit/vegetables, while barrels would serve as vegetable storage. Besides extending the ability to store things, I think it would add a really cool aesthetic to storage rooms, instead of just having lines of chests against the wall. Admittedly, I didn't mention meat in any of this - Depending on how spoiling/preserving mechanics are implemented, meat could be stored safely in a cellar/cold room (After being preserved), or hanf from hooks. Other uses When drying mechanics are implemented, the stockpile mechanic can be used to dry meat into jerky, mud bricks for construction, or leather for tanning.
  13. The whetstone could also lead to making a grinding wheel. I those
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