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  1. Balduranne

    Stone & Ore Suggestions

    I'd love to see more crystals for decoration and profit, like Bismuth (We only have the metal </3) and Beryllium. Pyrite (Fools gold) would be a fun addition, if it could be used for lanterns.
  2. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    The latter, check the recipe album
  3. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    It's basically a chisel, but for wood blocks. Regular chisels need metal too
  4. Balduranne


    Whitelisted! Love your ingame username btw
  5. Balduranne


    Our server software is currently down, but we'll whitelist you as soon as it's back up
  6. Balduranne

    Balduranne, a very artsy showcase

    Here's one thing that didn't make it above, early-ish ship models for Garry's Mod:
  7. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Soon, hopefully
  8. Balduranne

    All my meat .. :(

    That's because the meat types got updated with 1.7. Just use creative and give yourself the meat back.
  9. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Updated recipes, hopefully I didn't miss much.
  10. If you need help or tips, join the Discord. People are a lot faster at answering questions over there
  11. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Yeah,I didn't have a screenshot of the newer recipe. I need to update the recipes
  12. Balduranne

    v1.7.8 The Neolithic Mod

    Oh! That's glue, sorry. You make it by putting 6 Sinew Fibers into a bowl and then cooking it on a fire. To make sinew fibers, put a hand hammer over tendons.
  13. Balduranne

    it is a bug, a mechanics or just coincidence?

    I'm 99% positive mobs can't climb either
  14. Balduranne

    Chicken - some thoughts

    Eggs are planned
  15. Balduranne


    I'm dying for fishing Spear/javelin fishing would be great.

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