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  1. Balduranne

    The Neolithic Mod

    Yeah,I didn't have a screenshot of the newer recipe. I need to update the recipes
  2. Balduranne

    The Neolithic Mod

    Oh! That's glue, sorry. You make it by putting 6 Sinew Fibers into a bowl and then cooking it on a fire. To make sinew fibers, put a hand hammer over tendons.
  3. Balduranne

    it is a bug, a mechanics or just coincidence?

    I'm 99% positive mobs can't climb either
  4. Balduranne

    Chicken - some thoughts

    Eggs are planned
  5. Balduranne


    I'm dying for fishing Spear/javelin fishing would be great.
  6. Balduranne

    Balance Survey

    Oh yeah, and sticks feel a little scarce. You should have a low chance to get them from regular leaves too.
  7. Balduranne

    Balance Survey

    Is there anything you find frustrating? Drifters and how they're the only source of a spawn mover, caves being 90% stone and little else, tin being too rare, scarcity of storage space (Exacerbated by mods), bees being too difficult to spot and only in one biome. Still the same things honestly. How often do you find dungeons/lore? Not often. Lore is... still extremely rare for me. How do you feel about food? I like the balance now, but berries bushes are still way too frequent. I'm so stoked for cooking. And a stove... Firewood doesn't last nearly enough Wolves still got you down? Yes, but now that they have a hunger mechanic, it's more manageable. I play on Darkagecraft, so I think we have the damage reducer At what point do you feel like you no longer have to worry about surviving? As soon as I have a fence tbh. Food is ridiculously plentiful in vanilla game, unless you're in a snow biome. Any other complaints? No use for some items/blocks rendering them pointless until further notice (Salt, rope), game being very beginner unfriendly (Especially with lack of an inventory and no crafting recipes ingame), portable containers are ridiculously small IMHO (Especially compared against the backpack and how easy it is to make), fuel in general lasts too short (Making smithing anxiety inducing to me), the club is utterly useless. There's more, but it's past 9PM and I want to wrap it up for now.
  8. Balduranne


  9. Balduranne

    Vintage Story: Fall Wishlist

  10. Balduranne


    Please note: We have reset the map and the server is currently being set up
  11. Balduranne


  12. Balduranne

    Crafting recipes' book

    I agree, we're in dire need of something like this
  13. Balduranne


    Keep in mind we'll be resetting the server in a while
  14. Balduranne

    replanting cattails

    Shift+Right Click
  15. Balduranne

    I've made a terrible mistake

    I can imagine you screaming through the entire swarm

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