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  1. I'm not certain, actually. But the animation playback speed can be changed in the .json once you use the model for something so you don't have to worry about it too much.
  2. Thinking of suggesting something? Might want to check the list below for some things that frequently show up both on Discord and here. Note that the list does not include things that are already planned in the Roadmap. Please note - Unless otherwise noted, this is not a list of things that will be added. Just things that frequently show up. The list is subjective, non-final and I don't comb the Discord for these, just update as I notice things being repeated. Worldgen and Mechanics: Oceans, rivers and seas - Including saltwater. Boats and other vehicles, including car
  3. Caves are really dull right now. It's just endless stone, darkness and angry jerks. There's a few things that could make it more interesting: For one, I think caves should have more than just stone. I'd be happy to see some dirt underground. Whenever I have to landscape an area, I need to take the dirt from somewhere else, which usually means a hole somewhere, or flattening the terrain. Now, I know Minecraft has this, but I'd like the ability to dig out dirt for landscaping under the surface. Besides that: SHINIES. Past a certain depth, caves could have glow wo
  4. Done by request, please note that I'll only be covering functions I'm familiar with (Ie, no animation). For the moment, the model creator only allows working with cubes, which you can create by clicking the Red/Green/Blue icon below the selection window . Once you have something selected, you can get to the modeling proper - Voxel Size determines the shape and size of the object, Position moves it around the grid, while Origin is from where the model is supposed to 'start' from. This mostly comes into play when rotating the object When adding more cubes, it's impo
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