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  1. Thinking of suggesting something? Might want to check the list below for some things that frequently show up both on Discord and here. Note that the list does not include things that are already planned in the Roadmap. Please note - Unless otherwise noted, this is not a list of things that will be added. Just things that frequently show up. The list is subjective, non-final and I don't comb the Discord for these, just update as I notice things being repeated. Worldgen and Mechanics: Oceans, rivers and seas - Including saltwater. Boats and other vehicles, including carts. Also multi-block ships. Taming animals and mounts - The former is in the works and there is a basic implementation of it. Watermills Thirst More limestone/chalk generation Making farmland drop soil Combat, Armor and Tools: Gear Repair: Comes up very, very often. Whetstones and sharpening for tools, repair for armor. Shields / Combat Revamp Blacksmithing leftovers and broken tool scraps. Crafting & Cooking: Tofu and more ways to use soy beans Making sticks out of planks Freeform cooking - Ie mixing meat with rice and such. Steel - It's coming, shush. Dyes/Freeform painting Kilns and proper ovens. Cheese "Other": Player Customization, including custom skins Stackable/placable everything Removing the crafting grid completely Steam, the client, not power. If you're looking for mod ideas, consider Lazy Warlock's thread, too.
  2. I was hoping you would hold off on this until I got a chance to confirm that we want to organize this in a more 'official' thread.
  3. There's an absolutely hilarious bug with this mod in 1.11 where instead of being slowed down, you move _faster_ while carrying things.
  4. Ok, I didn't realize I need both hands free for it
  5. Does this still work on reed baskets? We have this mod on a server, but I can't seem to sneak+right click things
  6. Exactly what it says on the tin - Putting it here so it doesn't get lost on Discord. Since the dev team was not interested in using it for the official game, I'm releasing it as a mod. Included: Grain Flour Clay lumps Beeswax Fat Flint Stick Blasting Powder, Bonemeal, Lime, Mortar, Potash, Quicklime, Saltpile, Saltpeter This is a community resource - Feel free to include it in your modpack or whatever. https://www.dropbox.com/s/38cno8d5uv5ekf7/resourcemodels.zip?dl=0 Potential additions:
  7. Just FYI tanning and leatherworking is planned to be added Eventually (TM)
  8. For balancing reasons, the chance to get a head is very low. We tested it at 10% in previous versions and it was a little too common. The saw has the biggest chance to drop it, the sword is below that, the axe has the least chance.
  9. That's kinda intentional. Tony wanted to slow down progression, so the only way to get a crucible is through totem offerings.
  10. I don't think it's actually in the game yet.
  11. You're whitelisted, but the modded Darkagecraft server seems like a bad choice to learn the basics of the game, due to the many changes
  12. You need to get it from Discord
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