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  1. Could we please have dark grey slate? It has been used for roofing in the UK for many years and is mined in Wales. It makes gorgeous roof tiles . This house has flint walls and slate roof tiles.
  2. This is my first post on these forums. Red Ram - you asked me to join this discussion. I don’t mind some grind, otherwise I would not be willing to play VS at all. I’m having trouble finding tin. The thought of having to do more to the metal like crushing the ores is very unattractive to me. I find using the quern very time consuming and irritating. Just pressing the top and waiting for the flour seems a waste of life. In primitive societies the endless repetitive slog to stay alive had life as a reward. Playing a computer game where you have endless repetitive slog isn’t that good a use of life. You know that I’m not the sort of player who would normally play this type of game. However, I am the type of player who could be the difference in profit if it stays an attractive proposition for me. I am playing single player unmodded .
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