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  1. Thanks! This might have been happening. It would explain why everything looked so bad. It wasn't the reason for my low performance, though. I just now figured that one out. I spent a long time tweaking settings in both the game and my video drivers. It took a while, but I fixed it. I had set the Max FPS to 60, because that's the maximum my monitor can do. The game is all sorts of jerky at that setting. For some reason, If I set it to 75 the game runs really smoothly. But it goes back to being jerky if I set it too much higher. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. I got a new 4k monitor, and Vintage Story runs like crap with 4k resolution. Putting the resolution scale lower does help, but it still runs bad, and looks awful. I can get much better performance if I manually set windows to a lower screen resolution before running the game. Perfect performance. And not only that, but the graphics are WAY better. Much much clearer. Would it be possible to include a normal screen resolution setting, like most other games have? That way I wouldn't need to be changing the resolution in windows all the time.
  3. No werewolves though, right? The regular kind are already pretty scary.
  4. Hey, did you fix this? Its been a while since I last played Vintage Story. I thought I would check out the 1.11 pre-release. Right away I noticed that I don't appear to be getting the stutters anymore. I have also reset my windows installation not too long ago, though. I don't know if it was the update or the reset that fixed it.
  5. I guess your possible fix didn't fix it. I still have the stutters. I was thinking that it would be nice if there was an in game toggle for those popups. Before I made the suggestion I decided to have one more look through the menu just in case. Turns out there is already an in game toggle for them. I just missed it before somehow. Im not the most observant person.
  6. Another bug report from me, so maybe take it with a grain of salt. I have a bad track record with them. I have always had these little stutters in this game even though my frame right is solid 60fps. I just figured it was an optimization thing that would be fixed eventually. I was playing around in the settings though, and I discovered that these little stutters are caused by the block info overlay, and block interaction help popups. If I turn those off the stutters completely stop. It actually looks like there might be a little tiny stutter whenever a new popup pops up.
  7. Okay, this is my bad. Sort of, at least. Something weird was going with my driver, but restarting my PC fixed it now. Sorry
  8. That's weird. Its definitely not force enabled in my driver settings. I actually have to force it off. Maybe there is something else going on here. Im not an expert of graphics drivers, or anything. I just know that this fixes that problem for me.
  9. There are some faint lines on the borders of the boxes for me. Not when they are right in front of me. Its maybe a few meters away. Its most noticeable on water, but can be seen everywhere. Minecraft had this issue for me too, but only if anisotropic filtering is enabled. Knowing that, I went into the NVIDIA control panel, and forced it off for Vintage Story. It worked. No more faint lines. I assume this means the game is always using anisotropic filtering. Its easy to turn that off in the control panel, but other people might not know how to use is. It would be good to have an option to disable anisotropic filtering in the games graphics options.
  10. Im hardly an expert on the game, but I personally have not seen any bodies of water that were big enough to really call an ocean. The roadmap has boats though, so i would think they would add oceans when they add the boats. As for why your just now finding out about the game... I only discovered it when watching stuff on youtube. Someone who played another game I was interested in also had a video of Vintage Story. It was kind of lucky, because there were almost no videos of this game at the time. That was a month and a half ago. About the time I discovered the game, I think a lot of others did too, as there are now quite a few videos of the game.
  11. Its a much slower start than Minecraft. You cant just punch trees, and then have all the basic tools in just the first couple minutes. You have to work a bit for them. Its interesting work, though. For example, if you want a metal ax head, then you first to make molds out of clay, then fire them in a kiln, then pour molten metal into them to get your ax head. There are a lot more steps to get where you need to get, but they are logical steps. IMHO, I don't find that sort of work to be grindy. However, Im the sort of person who enjoys a little grind so what I consider grind is maybe not what others would consider grind.
  12. I love these little half cave things.
  13. Oh, hey! Thanks, redram. I really just want NPCs as decoration, so that kind of works for me. It would be great if they didn't all look the same, but beggars cant be choosers. This is good enough for now.
  14. I used to think Minecraft had the best world generation. After playing Vintage Story for a couple weeks, I now realize it does not. I was feeling a little lonely, so I wanted to hang out with the villagers for a while, but I don't know man... I might just have to wait for Vintage Story to get its own villagers. Minecraft feels like such a downgrade now.
  15. Its not very common, but occasionally, after generating a new world, the game will spawn you in right next to a wolf. It will kill your right quick, before you even know whats happening. When you respawn it will put you in the exact same place. The wolf is still there. It still kills you right quick. This could give an unlucky new player a really bad first impression. It might not be a bad idea to somehow prevent this from happening. I don't have any specific suggestions for that, though.
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