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  1. I love these little half cave things.
  2. Oh, hey! Thanks, redram. I really just want NPCs as decoration, so that kind of works for me. It would be great if they didn't all look the same, but beggars cant be choosers. This is good enough for now.
  3. I used to think Minecraft had the best world generation. After playing Vintage Story for a couple weeks, I now realize it does not. I was feeling a little lonely, so I wanted to hang out with the villagers for a while, but I don't know man... I might just have to wait for Vintage Story to get its own villagers. Minecraft feels like such a downgrade now.
  4. Its not very common, but occasionally, after generating a new world, the game will spawn you in right next to a wolf. It will kill your right quick, before you even know whats happening. When you respawn it will put you in the exact same place. The wolf is still there. It still kills you right quick. This could give an unlucky new player a really bad first impression. It might not be a bad idea to somehow prevent this from happening. I don't have any specific suggestions for that, though.
  5. oh, okay. I didn't realize that was what was going on. In that case, its not so weird that there isn't any variation in color. It also explains why there are brown pine trees.
  6. I had it again, but with terrain this time.
  7. I think the autumn color biomes would look better, and more natural if the trees varied a bit in color. Like if some were more yellow and others were more red.
  8. I think I can second this one. It wasn't with ruins, but I have have seen it happen with a tree.
  9. Ryan Nienhuis

    Vsync bug

    This one is a pretty minor bug. When I run the game, vsync is always off at first, but the box is still checked as if its on. I can get the vsync to work by unchecking, and rechecking the box. Version 1.9.7
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