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  1. Yes. You just need to enable this mod in mod menu. Game in singleplayer and on server is no different
  2. Ginox

    Return Akko

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      Ok i'll think about it

  3. Excuse me I don't quite understand what server you are talking about.
  4. Welcome to Minecraft-like x16 texturepack. Description I don't like the standard x32 textures. This looks strange. Low poly objects have hi res texture set. I think the x16 texture looks much better. I created this thread so you can report problems with my texturepack and give feedback. Future plans First I want to redraw all block textures. These are functional blocks, plants and everything that can be place. The second step I want to redraw environment textures. These are skyboxes, sun, moon. The third step I want to redraw and remodel all creatures. I think minecraft wolf in vintage story will be funny. Maybe I remodel all items. These are pickaxes, swords and etc. Links Download texturepack on Mod DB Join the creation this texturepack Screenshots
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