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  1. From what I've seen of No Man's Sky, resource gathering is unrewarding because its fast. All the materials are right on the surface with no effort whatsoever.
  2. How much roughly would the game cost and do you plan to use steam as a platform?
  3. For the bare minimum, how many lines of code? I'm more concerned with how reliant the API is on code than how much time it would take to construct the mod.
  4. Would it not incentivise exploration and trade to have the resources be regional?
  5. Do you have some sort of article going over how the API works? How much coding would be needed?
  6. That would be enough. Would villagers recognize player-build infrastructure?
  7. How many "levels" of pickaxes will there be?
  8. Perhaps, but will such features be easy to implement through mods? How is the game's modding API?
  9. Will there be a mode where natural enemies will spawn but not supernatural enemies, as skeletons and zombles?
  10. As for ore generation, I feel like each biome should have one ore and one ore only, and rarer ores would be chosen by a biome more rarely.
  11. Also, NPC would be programmed to fix these things when they see them happening in their own homes or workplace.
  12. Perhaps there would be small deterioration that happens randomly and is easy to fix, such as cobblestone growing vines or silverfish taking unwelcome residence in your wood wall. Such things would be simple to fix, but if left to its own devices accumulate and create an ruin atmosphere.
  13. I feel like the direction that villages should take is that they have a specific pool of resources to maintain itself and expand according to need. In order to maintain itself, the villages should have to build farms and in order to maintain its gradual growth it should have to build residential buildings. Perhaps its architexture should be based on a randomly generated culture based on the resources available.
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