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  1. SWEET if you did add it to curseforge then I can use my "Twitch app" like how I modpack Minecraft with but I be modpacking Vintage Story and I love the way they do it cuz I always mess up "Forge" then to begin with I always get the wrong versions of mods all muddled up! @Tyron I would fully support ya given you know my grievous luck so far even just modding your game! I like the Twitch App that's with forge cuz it just is "BOOM!" modded and play! I have yet to get anyone's mods here working and I have yet to code up even a working test mod! You say your way/game is easier to mod, but why am I still to date able to mod other games but not yours? I sent ya screenshots of several experienced people and .json files seem to be a taboo subject in the programming world! Curseforge is a good automation tool I like the Twitch profile for mod folders and versions never get out of whack and they always work! Tyron I fully back you up only if you choose curseforge then at least I have some hope to play a modded game! All my screenshots in your private DM's have more than explained my troubles.
  2. Together we live outside, shivering and jumping. Joyfully we think: "Why others are so incompetent that they stumble on Diamagnetism; we're Drunk with power and that shivers our spine." Then...
  3. [Bottom left one] right click to day, [Bottom right one] right click to night. /time set day /time set night The last 7 are all empty, I love how this all meshes/patterns up!
  4. Now that I re-reading this - I have made some study efforts, good news I found some decent tutors online!
  5. I noticed Minecraft has a mod maker called "Mcreator" do you think "Vintage Story" will ever have a dedicated mod maker program ever at some point? Cuz I have some ideas but I'm not much a coder, I mean I can and can't code given specifics hard to explain!
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