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  1. I think the snow in Vintage Story has a lot of potential. It could be extended to fall in different areas with different colors. For example, dust storms in the desert that leave beige snow (dust) behind. Or things like volcanoes and forest fires produce grey snow (ash). It would also be very cool if you allowed snow to fall anywhere. What I mean is that instead of snow generator detecting and not placing snow on things like fences, it put it there anyway. The snow would detect what block was below it and conform its shape to that block. In the case of fences, the snow would sit just on the tops of the posts, and then on the ground at the base of it. I'm not sure if it would be feasible to do automatically, but maybe the models could contain some information about where snow would be placed? I think this could add a lot to the game visually.
  2. Would it be possible to make http://vintagestory.at work properly? Right now it just shows an error, you may have trouble getting people involved in the game if they can't find the site.
  3. Terrain generation looks great. I have a suggestion about the lighting, if you'd hear it. I think it would look more natural if light from torches eased in over a fraction of a second instead of instantly appearing.
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