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  1. I looked at the threads and discussions on the forum and did not find a single mention (maybe not noticed) about FRUIT TREES. As for me, this is a good alternative to berry bushes. Fruits, namely apples, pears, oranges, cherries, pomegranates, bananas or the like, can be found on the corresponding trees growing around the world in their traditional regions. Let them grow longer than ordinary trees, and the fruits ripen for a whole season, but they can also be canned and cooked food that is not bad in its characteristics (remember that in reality there are many vitamins in fruits).
  2. Sitting in my estate, I began to notice how wolves were hanging around in packs in the vicinity and once they attacked me right next to the farm. After killing the adults, four babies remained, whom I decided to drive into the corral for the sake of interest. so I did it. They lived for a while (one disappeared without a trace) then grew up and attacked me. In the end, I said goodbye to them, but the thought came to me: what if it was possible to steal a puppy like this and feed him meat until he becomes neutral to you. if you mate such neutral individuals, then their puppies can become more f
  3. I do not argue that this is not very convenient, but judge for yourself: you are in a bare field and a couple of stones and sticks are at hand. sat down, made a couple of instruments and walked on. this is inconvenient until the moment you have baskets, then it becomes simpler.
  4. Since it is possible not to collect items automatically and there are rumors of improvements to the crafting, how about removing the quick bar completely and leaving only the hands (maybe a few pockets)? then at the start of the game you will need to create a local "workshop" on the ground with basic resources and sit down to create primitive tools Not in a 3x3 grid (perhaps this will be implemented as a "mini-game" "). the good news is that you can find, buy or make a belt for tools (ax, hammer, pickaxe), and for a sword and knife there is a case. You might consider adding pockets for berries
  5. In my opinion, it would be nice to add the ability to get maple syrup and use it as an alternative to honey. first you need to make a primitive gutter with a hook from sticks and grass. then a bucket is hung on it and ... we wait. the sap of the tree gradually accumulates in the bucket. this juice is useless on its own, but it can be poured into a pot and boiled to form a candied syrup.
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